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  1. Don't even know the guys name but loved his videos. Used to watch this about 10x before going out for a ride
  2. Glad I signed into the forum today. Video reminded me of the good days
  3. Enough said, enjoy.
  4. This is awful, when did it happen? Always watched his vids before going out for a skid to get some inspiration.
  5. You'd love snapchat
  6. I feel like I've just watched a road biker getting lost and learning a few tricks throughout the day.
  7. Aww these were and will be the days, soon
  8. Although I'm not a lover, I do miss seeing koxx on the forum, especially big black ones.
  9. Fav trials vids these. Anyone end up doing that droppy G in leeds at 7:20, scary one
  10. MORE THAN 4 days, not bad!
  11. 1:50 to skip the rocks
  12. http://www.eengoedidee.nl/stats.cgi?search_field=overal_top_downloads&aantal=50&submit=Search
  13. Love your garage man, bike is nice too!
  14. Hiya Sam welcome back looking forwards to manovers
  15. Unreal as usual. Smooth as a babies bum. (Not that I go around touching babies bums)