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  1. Allot of you will have probably seen a few of this but now it’s nearly finished. I will get some better photos when I’ve shortened and clipped the rear hose up and dropped the chain on. I’ve been giving it a few weeks for the paint to harden off before I put clear tape on the chain stays to protect the paint. Kieran
  2. Any chance you could tell me how long your stem is centre to centre? Please.
  3. hello i am very interested in you 20" echo i might buy it of you need to ask my dad


  4. Thanks all, Rides really nice, its absolutly mint condition Brand new
  5. Thanks all, Heres the finished build. Just got to sort the back brake issue out now.
  6. Hi all, As some of you may have seen in the Bike Pictures ection i have just refurbed muels old echo 08. I have a small problem in that when the caliper and lever were off the bike my girlfriend thought it would be a good idea to pump it a few times , pushing the pads out. No problem i thought i will just push them back, the only problem i now have is that the lever just feel spongy and pulls back much further than it did before. I have checked the resevoir and its full. and when the lever is pulled i can see both pads pushing onto the disc? There just seems to be half the power there was before? Any ideas anyone? Thanks Kieran
  7. Long Eaton Area matey Cheers
  8. Cheers, Nah i replaced the bars for V!Z, had the frame painted and stickered, new grips, new plate, rim tape and new tyres had the wheels painted and just done some little bits like service the freewheel and the brakes. Getting on ok with the forks , really good for pulling up now, at first i fell out with them, but adapted my style now and i find pulling up allot easier so going to see how i get on the rest of the summer. Cheers mate
  9. HAHA Cheers matey, nah the BB hasnt snapped, i had only just put it in in those pics, fitted it properly after and put the cranks back on. Not beeb working up your way for a while but im sure i will at some point. Thanks all
  10. Hi All, After Buying Muels old Echo, ive spent the last few weeks giving it a mild refurb. Its not quite finished yet , but hopefully I can go out and bed it in this weekend. Heres a few pics i took last night. Apologies for the state of my back room in the process of laying a wood floor. Hope you like Kieran
  11. Hi all! I'm Kieran and i live in Nottingham. I currently ride a 08 Echo Lite. I have been into truals since i was around 14, I did it solid untill i was 17, then I got myself a car and gave up. After a few months of painting my new house i decieded to buy myself a new bike and get back into things. I hope to see some of you off here riding around the Nottingham area. Thanks for taking the time to read. Kieran
  12. I ride a 2008 Echo Lite Double Disc. Only had it a week now, but really happy with it so far!
  13. I know, but have you got MSN? The we can talk more, or email is fine.

  14. Alright mate, I'm not from Derby I'm from near Manchester, I'm only just in Derbsyhire. Have you got MSN?

  15. Hi Mate interested in your Koxx Drop me a ttext on 07815779969 please if your still have it. Thanks