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  1. Don’t remember seeing that Ali C edit. Thanks for posting - enjoyed the tap to the angled top of the wall a lot! You should try and keep riding both!! But never give up on that alias!!
  2. Hey - Bent my shimano Standatd SLX disc in the rear the other day that came with my XT’s. I see jitsie do a disc for nearly 60 smackers. Anyone used or got an opinion on whether it is worth it or any compatibility issues with the shimano callipers width wise etc. Ta
  3. So why the cut out on the head tube! Scoured tinternet to see if I could see any with a head tube cut out..... Couldn't find any. Looks neat if it was home done..
  4. Hey, you can get some relatively slim Bmx railed option seats these days - something like this might work im not really clued up on what you can get mtb wise these days but the Bmx stuff is just relatively simple railed seats. Matt
  5. If you are willing to pedal about a bit there is tonnes. Head towards places like Paddington, Wandsworth. North west holds a good amount of spots also. Head for house if estates and you’ll typically find some decent riding. Matt
  6. Yes it took me a while to get used to it which you are acutely aware of after the messages about 6 months ago about whether to stick with it or go arcade but I am glad I stuck with it and it has paid off! I have to say being able to run a rear free hub rather than a front freewheel makes it feel so much better for faster rolling stuff. It’s only taken about 17 years to get to a point I really enjoy a seatless bike!!
  7. Nice little edit that, enjoyed Some of the gaps and the up to fronts in particular. That bail at the end did not look fun!
  8. You sir have you used lock down really well! Really nice video enjoyed all of it.. keep it up...
  9. My latest bike. Has replaced the triton as my main steed. After spending a few months on a 20.1 I got more and more used to something agile and nimble and loved the balance of trials, Bmx and steel it can offer. Build includes: alias 20.2 frame, onza forks (removed rim mounts and powder coated), shimano xt 4 pot brakes, hope pro 4 on halo t2 rims (not a lot of 20” 32h options but are really impressed so far) eclat morrow tyres (seems grippy with dual ply casing so good replacement to the Rubens) top gun sl cranks, bonz 180x35 (I’m only short but the bigger stem made the bike feel a bit nice for bigger moves and allowed more movement around the bike) waw carbon bars. This is by far my favourite bike to date after a few rides so much fun.
  10. I have run EBC reds and Trialtech, found the Trialtech grabbier which was sometimes not a benefit. The ebc reds offered up plenty of power and with a little less grab than the Trialtech worked better for manuals etc.
  11. Nice - glad to see those bars get some use and not sit in my shed like most spares!!
  12. Thanks - unfortunately it is now up for sale! I did very much enjoy it. Coolest bike I have owned, I am building up a new little Alias currently so this needs to fund it. Just fancy a bit of a change, have ridden 24s for 10 years now and there was never a street 20” in the past. I am only a little guy and getting on a bit and with an interest in Bmx the Alias seems to be a good bet for something to just have a little nibble every now and again, this Triton was wasted on me for the occasional nibble, hopefully it’ll go to someone who can put it through its paces like it deserves!
  13. Little line on the little Alias today...
  14. Nice, always great to watch edits of riders I remembering enjoying watching many many moons ago...
  15. I saw Joe Maher advertising doing graphics at the moment maybe worth contacting through Facebook.