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  1. @Mark WI picked up an older hex the other day to have a spin on a 26” after a 10 year hiatus. Going to be running some cross marks tubeless. Is it worth running inserts or should I be ok without?
  2. Haha - Those responses far exceeded my expectations. They definitely brightened my Friday afternoon!
  3. I’ve always had a hankering for another 26” steel bike - had a history with Pashleys and Leesons. From what I can see Dominic Raab has had a handle in some new bikes a 24” and 26” steel bike. I can’t seem to find much out about them though - anyone know anymore about the venture?
  4. Akrigg is an alien. No one should ever buy a bike expecting to ride like him as he is an alien. They will be disappointed when they realise they are not also an alien.
  5. I’m not sure of the geo but I remember them well. Short, low bb and slack HA. The earlier ones were weak around the bb. I guess it depends what they want from their first bike - if they are used to mountain bikes they could be a good starting point to ease into trials. They are nothing like modern comp bikes, they are closer to street trials bikes so bear that in mind depending on the style of riding they are looking to do. They will be harder on the rear wheel than anything you can buy today but quite stable on 2 and if they are starting off and use this to get the basics down anything modern after will feel like a breeze.
  6. It isn’t the calipers that age an issue it’s the flimsy mounts they come with. If you use chunkier mounts they are fine. I ran Deore 2 pots for a while on a mod and they were enough so 4 pots would work well in the deore range.
  7. Likely you are probably set on the Maguras as they do seem to get recommended. However as another option I have been using the shimano XT 4 pots and they have always felt like plenty of power and I like the lever feel - nice and direct. I’ve also bashed up the levers a fair few times without to much damage and when I did to smash one up to far it was a cheap and easy fix. Anyway thought I’d just throw them in as an option!
  8. Oh and I’m also 5foot 6 so a smaller bike probably just suits me a bit more to feel like I can put it where I want
  9. I understand the perspective of the seat being an issue for some and it was for me for a while and I’d love to have a seat but I don’t think it would suit the alias. I guess one persons do it all is different to another’s as for me a do it all I’d like to work in a skate park - tight transitions, techy stuff, bigger gaps etc etc I felt the alias could do all of this. A 26” I have never felt works particularly well in a skate park or on tighter stuff which sold it to me. I don’t like having multiplier bikes for one discipline so ride everything on it. I know that means it has some limitation everywhere but I like it!!
  10. I think the Alias is the only do it all 20”. For me I went 20” as wanted it to roll faster and be able to scoot around a skate park if I fancied it. Tyres wise you can get some decent bmx tyres that’ll work ok for street trials and some of the dirt ones will even cope with a bit of natural. The one thing I’d say is the biggest difference between the alias and the hex is stability. If you want something that feels a bit more planted and less twitchy a hex would be better or if you want something that’s a bit more twitchy and techy the alias is better.
  11. Second the Alias - although I’d say the Alias and the Hex are both really good choices. I’d say it depends on whether you like big or little wheels - I enjoyed my Zebdi as a do it all bike and my Leeson 660.
  12. My favourite helmet so far has been shadow conspiracy lightweight piss pot style. Has always felt really secure on the noggin, comfortable and fairly light
  13. You may also be a little late for the bump the stamp duty relief was giving as I haven’t heard of any extension and to complete a chain between now and the 31st would be tough. If there isn’t an extension it’ll likely be a quieter market whilst people get used to the fact the stamp duty is back. From a buyers perspective I always assumed you should get a house below asking unless it looks really competitive against its comparisons so there maybe something in pricing yourself out whilst other properties similar to yours are on the market at more competitive prices as people may be thinking they’ll get a few % off of them also and once they are in the door of the other properties if they see what they like you’ve lost out. I would say for now you’ll have to stick with it for atleast a month to see how it goes and then consider what you want to do. It maybe a better idea to hold for a few months as the market will pick up again likely once restrictions start to lift and could be a better time? (Unless you are in a rush of course)
  14. Good luck with the hunt Ali, we have just moved into our second purchased home and albeit I have found home moving one of the most stressful periods it only lasts for a few months and once you are through it you have the security and something you can call yours which I have always liked. We found that when we have bought the last 2 it’s best to make sure you have straight in your head what your priorities are around location, space etc as we found it tough to always tick every box. We were just us 2 in the first house so priorities were a bit easier and the focus was buy something that if shit hit the fan and we were stuck there we could have enough space and be somewhere familiar when we first bought together. 5 years down the road and with a toddler and a baby on the way our priorities shifted to having enough space for a family, good schools - and the.Lyn the final one which was a compromise which was a detached house - our last neighbour was a bit odd and it put us off being attached to another house. The reason that ended up being the compromise is it meant we couldn’t afford where we set out to buy so shifted location and managed to tick everybox bar being near Stanstead which means a bit of plane noise. For us having everything we wanted and some planes were our compromise - for others they may hate the idea of planes and rather be in semi detached but it really helped when we understood and ordered our priorities to tailor the search.
  15. Yeah agree with above - run discs on 3 different horizontal mount frame and not come across issues