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  1. Riding with a friend in East London this Sunday. Anyone welcome to join. We will be meeting at the Victoria Park paddling pools at 11:30. Let me know if you plan on joining (07555721178) Matt
  2. Hi, I am working in Liverpool Wednesday and am staying in a hotel near Lancaster, wouldn't mind a street pedal in the evening in any of the above areas if anyone is able to show me around? Message me or drop me a text on 07795454864. Matt
  3. Missed this however if you are around Harlow often I live about ten minutes away and ride their often. Let me know
  4. Hi, I have thrown my bike in my car for an impromptu visit in Falmouth and would like to ride tomorrow. Any suggestions?
  5. I have ram maguras and an echo and always return to a well setup v. Sd7 arms and levers. A reasonable linear cable, shimano Carbon booster, can't remember which pads they are but not prices clear things and when we'll setup better than anything else I have had. Have stuck with it for the last 4 years no complaints and they are a hell of a lot easier to maintain rather than bleeding and simpler to setup, i got fed up of hydraulic brakes and went cable front and rear and have had the best setup I have had for years with the above.
  6. Why not ride east London? You won't be far from there
  7. Can't wait, still rocking a 609. Maybe time it was hung up and replaced with another lesson!
  8. I run a lesson 609 and am opting for some marino's they felt a little more old school than the inspireds with some trialtech high risers. Works pretty well. If you fancied some leeson forks I have some in reasonable nick?
  9. Leon- is the grip considerably improved and is the puncture prevention better? I am assuming yes to both but worth checking?
  10. I'll give you 50 for the frame )
  11. So that'll mean 1st march then? ;-), I'll head down and see if I can get some locals out and about?
  12. You shouldn't reuse them, designed to be replaced
  13. I know a little late in your week but I would be able to offer a ride next Saturday with a few london locals? (Potentially a kid week evening ride) There are spots dotted all over and you will typically find something to ride no matter where you go' marks guide is a preety good start, there are plenty of spots around elephant and castle too etc
  14. I have spent the last 12 years of my life using skate parks and have definitely seen a change in etiquette / usage since that time. I think it goes hand in hand with part (not all) of the youth today being more self involved than previous generations. General rules I used to see but don't anymore - no snaking - be cautious of letting others, don't try line after line - don't stop on something people are using - never ever try a line that someone is trying that are having trouble with a make them look like a fool when you do it first time - egg each other on but no need to be over competitive - it's a bout fun with mates not one up on each other I am sure there is more but the general rule of it back in the day was " don't be a dick"
  15. How tall is this kitchen sink you're trying to bunny hop up to?