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  1. Hi Charli. There are a few of us who ride central London on a fairly regular basis. Where abouts are you based. There is a ride being organised this Sunday which I am sure you would be welcome on? Matt
  2. Radical bikes is not to far from you - it is near Chelmsford. Good variety of stuff to go ride there and try on, it'll probably be back open around March. You also have the which is near Cambridge about an hour from you which puts sessions on for beginners.
  3. I’d be more worried about the 28h than anything else. I haven’t had good experiences with that few spokes on street bikes in the past. Albeit it was with lighter rims so you maybe ok on the carbon if it’s strong...
  4. Looks great. Who did the disc weld? Would be really tempted to get mine with a disc mount on it......
  5. I have had a new one since Jan this year and hasn’t skipped once. Maybe worth getting in touch with Hope and have a chat with them as don’t think it should be like that if brand new.
  6. Shadow conspiracy super light jobby piss pot but doesn’t sound like your style, but nice and light and sits nicely without moving.
  7. Nice video, really enjoyed it. I’m still not sure on bar spins people are doing when they aren’t being caught properly but all in all really enjoyable to watch
  8. Good luck getting back into it! At 31 and being a bit sporadic through my twenties at riding with life seeming to get in the way I’m having the best fun I have had on a bike since rolling over my first tree stump at 13!
  9. That was good that! Nice and chilled and just enjoyable to watch. As above nice to see a bit more trials focused video on an inspired :-).
  10. Any update on the build of this one! Interested to see the finished article
  11. Have to say out of all of that enjoyed the sidehop to wooden fence post turned corner up the most!
  12. I guess reading down this whether it’s a comp rider or Damon its all bloody impressive!! I have to say though, I live under a rock so had never seen joacim but that stuff looked very casual and kind of enjoyed that.
  13. It’d be interesting to see The TGS rider on a comp bike and a comp rider on an old TGS beast, it’s got to make a difference to what they are able to do? I’m not informed enough but always felt back in the day a TGS bike was very specifically setup for that riding and would imagine a modern comp bike is more versatile? But then is a modern comp bike tweaked to be easier for sidehopping than a TGS bike built for it back in the day?!?
  14. I don’t think I’ve ever come across anything unfortunately that has a tan sidewall for 24” and stands up to trials. Think you found the only option and the only way it’d be safe is to cut the bead off a spare tyre and run it wound the inside like I did in the early 2000’s!!!!
  15. At least enjoyable to watch if it wasn’t to make! Loved the line on the yellow wall with the cheeky slide down it at the end!