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  1. I’m not too far from you - live in Sawbridgeworth near Harlow. Also in 30’s so get odd looks!! Happy to join you for a ride at some point near here
  2. That was a surprisingly good watch..
  3. Hey all, I have picked up a 2nd hand Arcade to have a play alongside my Hex. The Arcade comes with 175mm cranks however historically I have always used 170mm on 24" but I was interested to know if people have used an Arcade or others 24"'s in general on 22/16 pro's / con's of 175 vs 170 and whether I should just stick with 175m Matt
  4. Looks great. I feel your pain. After getting back into riding regularly 3 years ago decided it was time to hang up the Leeson 609 and find something new to replace it. Since then have been through a Triton four play replica, alias 20.1, inspired console, alias 20.2, inspired console prototype, early inspired hex, later inspired hex and an inspired arcade. Currently riding the Hex and Arcade back to back to see where I end up. I have however come to the realisation it isn’t the bikes it is definitely 30 odd year old body versus 20 year old body that’s the issue! Good luck finding the one! Hope this is it! Although a good project is fun right?!?
  5. Amazing to see someone put the effort in for stuff like this. I will certainly spending a lot of time on there and then stapling my kids eyes open in a few years to it as well for a proper education…
  6. Yeah there is some play but what I found was the smallest cog I could use on the rear setup just didn’t offer enough benefit for the faff!
  7. Ok - for you to make meaningful difference you’ll either need a pretty small rear or pretty big front. Neither of which are going to work that well as there isn’t a simple chain alignment method with an integrated tensioner. From experience I’d not bother and just focus on pedalling faster!
  8. Probably less dangerous more that it’ll just bend on first decent impact and be useless. What do you want the extra gear for? I did many years back run second cogs for getting about but that was when bikes still had mech hangers to just pop it across. I think you’ll find it difficult on something purpose built for a single trials gear.
  9. Some really tasty lines in that!
  10. To be honest after reading good things about them in struggling to find them! Going to have a hunt and will let you know if I find anything on here
  11. Yeah - I don’t want to spend a fortune as not sure how much I’ll really use the bike but want something to work and that seems to be ok. Thanks for the info..
  12. Cheers both - saw an advent x micro shift which seems to get good reviews for £135 for chainring, shifter, derailleur and chain ring which seems reasonable 11-48 t I think. Anything better to look out for brand and model wise @Adam@TartyBikes @isitafox
  13. Hey all, I recently built up an on one steel hard tail, to keep it simple at the start I built up as a single speed machine however where I have moved to has more hills than I used to encounter and more road in between trails so I’d like to go faster and slower now! My mtb knowledge is circa 2008 so we’ll put it the loop. What should I be looking at for a geared setup - ideally single ring up front with whatever is a typical setup at the rear? Any suggestions advice helpful.
  14. Nose bonk to manual to 180 off was very pleasant to watch and filmed spot on! Everyone’s on fourplays these days! Does this mean no future for the Arcade!!
  15. @Adam@TartyBikes on the MT7’s. what should I look out for problems wise as just fitted some this week!