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  1. @Tony Harrison - wondering if you can help! I’m on a nostalgic hunt to find out which issue was my first edition of MBUK I ever bought. It involved this euro road trip vhs free on the front - I’ve had a look through 2002 issues and unless it was Jan / Feb it wasn’t one of those. I think it is 2001? Would you know?
  2. Yeah I’d be a bit freaked out by that! Is a weird part of the body to injure in your sleep!
  3. That’s really nicely done. The older I get the more I want something like this!
  4. I feel for you! I’m in a similar situation - slipped off my pedal yesterday landing a gap - foot landed heavily on an uneven rock below and bent my foot back towards my shin - ankle is in a lot of pain today - really disappointed as was jut getting a feel for the Hex I have had for the last few weeks. I kept riding on it for about an hour after as had an ankle support with me and it didn’t feel too bad at that time. I have a habit of thinking I can walk things off in my 30’s - I need to start listening to my body more as that seemed to work in the teens but not anymore!
  5. I don’t really get it now a days either. eBay run so many £1 seller listings just list it at your bottom price on a £1 seller weekend and you can’t go wrong!
  6. I don’t really get it now a days either. eBay run so many £1 seller listings just list it at your bottom price on a £1 seller weekend and you can’t go wrong!
  7. Cheers all super helpful. It’s a 2019 so going so at least I know where I stand now. I guess choice is either wait until some sram stuff comes available or dive in eithe saints and get creative!
  8. What are you running for a bash or not?
  9. Hey - looking to purchase some 170 cranks for the hex. Currently has descendants on it however doesn’t look like I can get gxp versions of them anymore. Have been looking at 170mm saints and wanted to find out if I need 68-73 or 83 to fit with chain stays running a 4 bolt inspired bash and 22tooth chain ring. Ta
  10. That’s a shame - the property we bought in November was probate. Fortunately once we had made an offer they were about 4 weeks into the probate process and the whole process takes 10-12 weeks aslong as it isn’t super complex so tied into the general length of time for the sale to go through.
  11. F1

    I’d be interested to know what influence the Halo device had on Romain walking away from that crash. I could see it being a lot worse going through a barrier with a completely open cockpit.
  12. Well good luck with the rest of the transaction. Really odd that they have behaved in that way. Sounds like you are doing everything you need to do - try to ignore the noise and just plug away at getting it over the line!
  13. F1

    Completely agree - they’ve done a great job on that series. I’m on third season and it has definitely reignited my interest
  14. It sounds like the agents unhelpfully have passed the buck onto you rather than being upfront with the sellers and explaining timings and the why. We had this continuously throughout the purchase back last autumn where solicitors and agents would say different things have different updates on the same day and then frustrate the buyers / sellers as they just weren’t aligned and setting expectations effectively. I had always erred away from being personally involved with the seller however I watched my mum purchase a house over the last few months and she went out of her way to get contact details for the seller and it has meant all the BS can be cut out and the record set straight for solicitors and agents when they are not on it.
  15. Long live the vbrake