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  1. Tap was impressive, also at about 1:20 I really like the hooky thing on the black gate. I forgot how poor the quality was on these videos! Imagine seeing this in glorious go pro footage these days!
  2. My own brain - I consciously read books about health, eating, exercise, drinking etc yet my unconscious brain continues to disregard all information and allow me to a be larger swilling, fast food eating, occasionally riding slightly podgy man. What's all that about.. Also the breadth of cycling disciplines that get addicted to poorly executed bar spins and tailwhips ;-)
  3. Probably why I have ended up posting 2 and probably could post a couple more, i'd say I have a top 5 that I find hard to choose one over the other from
  4. I really enjoy this also:
  5. In defence of shimano I have only had the modern ones break with a poor adapter - I’m 13 stone and have been using an xt and deore on separate bikes over the last 2 years and been fine.
  6. Not sure if the same or not with shimanos but I cured that pad rock noise / feeling with some tape on the back of the pads. I used electrical tape but heard surgical tape or gaffa tape works as well. Just clean stick and cut neatly round and it’ll dig into the pistons and hold a bit stiller. Some correct me if for any reason you can’t do that on hopes!
  7. I am sure it’ll be built well and ride nicely but I am not a massive fan of the aesthetic. I like street bikes to have a bit of a angle between the top tube and seat stays so the seat slammed sits a little higher.
  8. I may have bashed up the 20.2 well enough by then to warrant one of these if it’s another 6 months! I seem to be giving the 20.2 some real bashing at the moment - albeit they are built to last so may take a lot more bashing to put it out of action!!
  9. They remind me of my Leeson - just a clean simple looking steel frame and v brake mounts is a good shout personally - especially to keep that no nonsense feel. The Teal is also a really nice frame colour that the photos do not do justice. When I got the 20.2 I was half desiring powder coating it over the winter but the teal is really nice in real life. I'd love to have a little nibble on one compared to the 20.2 as I do really enjoy the 20.2 but always liked a seat and 24" wheels! Do you know if they plan to sell frame only on it? I wish that original testing had resulted in a single ply! That would have been great but I am not sure many others have moaned on the weight front or held people back much. I think it didn't help I swapped to heavier forks and the conti at a similar time and combined added about half a kilogram!
  10. Looks like they have now announced it - Maybe that disti accidentaly sped up their schedule!
  11. I wouldn't mind helping if needed. I may not be a senior member in title but I have been on here since 2003! And I think at the tender age of 32 I can probably be sensible enough (definitely wouldn't have trusted me pre 30!)
  12. Nah - not alone. It is why I'll never be a road cyclists, straight orderly lines are boring, that and I will not wear Lycra!
  13. When I ran 24 the contis were the best tyre by far grip wise companies to maxxis and lends but I found it heavy on the front - a front specific lighter version would have been awesome!
  14. I would say someone did let the cat out the bag then!!
  15. Hey Anna&Ben - assume this is motorcycle related. Unfortunately this is a bicycle trials forum - you may get lucky but I think a motorcycle one would be better :-)