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  1. I reckon they will suit that nicely. They are going to feel different to the last so give them a chance to bed in before you fiddle too much :-)
  2. Good bit of rise on those!! Suit it better than the last
  3. This topic was worth it just to repost that video! Pure gold
  4. Have to agree with Ross - don’t want to knock Tim Pratt as he was one of my favourite riders to watch and I still think is awesome, however a straight up and down rather than balancing on the back wheel over your bars is much easier on the eye.... good luck with v2 of the video trying to nail it without pogo mode! ;-)
  5. You may just find that you need to fiddle the stem you run if feels too tall, as looks like you haven’t got room for stackers - you’ll only know by trying. I always found easiest was to go super high and work down till it felt perfect.
  6. You don’t tend to get much for complete bikes these days and you have some good parts on their that if you are looking more to update your frame / forks for a different style you’d be maybe better to retain wheels, cranks, brakes. The other option would be to split as people would always be interested in the bits listed above. The frames geo isn’t completely out of flavour these days but sits somewhere between street and comp rather than in one of the camps which a lot of people look for one or other. Not sure that was much help.....
  7. It isn’t specifically around trials - I am relatively introverted as a person so would rather fall into the back ground than be centre of attention with strangers (pretty chatty with anyone I know!) Someone jumping about on a bike is bound to grab some attention and lots of people just don’t enjoy being watched in most scenarios. I’d expect most authors don’t want someone reading over their shoulder as they write their first draft of a book...
  8. Go pro session. Usually stick it somewhere discreet and use my phone to frame And control. Tempted to get a newer one but bought the cheapest variant as was filming more for myself than anything else. Only downside is no screen. If you want something cheap the. Loads of action cams on amazon for not a lot. Although I would say typically you lose out a lot in the app experience with Chinese made cheap variants which can become very frustrating if you are using often where as the go pro software is pretty slick and simple to use.
  9. I think most people have hit the nail on the head for me - tend to be OK if it is stuff I feel confident on and tend to avoid high failure rate stuff in front of people - Mostly when I think about it because I don't like smashing about and making a load of noise and looking like I am damaging things at 31. I actually don't mind so much the failing because I guess in my head most people think it looks hard - I also have been riding on and off for 15 odd years and i think where I have battled large lay offs from the bike a couple of time in my 20's nearly used to the regaining my abilities period. Actually only just coming out of one now!!
  10. Looks nice - did you hang up the Justice for retirement?
  11. I guess for me I was riding a pashley 26mhz at 13 at I’d imagine about 5 foot 2 - obviously there is a massive range of heights you can ride any bike at whether that’s a giant on a mod or someone vertically challenged like me on a stock! However when I was starting, more choice in styles and sizes of bikes would not have been a bad thing, choice is always nice and may help new riders get involved and stick easier. I don’t necessarily think inspired doing some marketing and producing some different models is a bad thing - hopefully it allows them more sustainability as a business and a longer future if they can sell more of a range. I guess if it doesn’t work they’ll have learnt something and can bow out of the 22” test.....
  12. Will be interesting to see how this works out - Looking at you are on it size wise you do look at the upper end of it's design. I am a similar height to you and ride a 24" and an alias and struggle to choose between which i prefer as the 24" is better for bigger moves but the alias is super flicky and fun. Out of interest was it a more normal looking bike that pushed you towards this rather than something like the alias as looking at your riding wanting to mix trials and spins the alias could have been right up your street.. Let us know how you are finding it and have fun :-)
  13. Nice blast from the past! I think the black suits them. - sorry I know probably boring but works well.
  14. I actually quite like the look of that. Think the Seat height is about the right height to be functional and look like it might actually get used! Think I’ve seen Leo on this for a while now on Instagram...... I do enjoy a raw clean looking frame!
  15. Sound great for all them skids then..