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  1. This is exactly why £500 on frame and wheel rebuild was preferred to my teeth!!
  2. Halo do a 110m spaced hub with disc mounts and a splined sprocket fitting. Considered it when I was weighing up whether to keep the 20.1 or chop it in for the 20.2. I ended up going 20.2 as didn’t want to be the one to see if the hub would stand up to trials. But is is an option!! 120 engagement points.
  3. Keen also to know! Been running mine for 18 months without issues. Would like to be confident it isn’t going to explode on me!
  4. Let’s hope I got it right then! Good luck
  5. Hey Mark, 1. Alias are inspired - I ride a 20.2 and the build quality is really solid - designed to stand up to a lot of smacking about. 2. See above answer! 3. I'd say they are probably basic and will probably need replacing over time. However I think that is perfect for someone starting out again as they can get changed out as they fail for something better, the most important part the frame is going to be solid and well made. 4. I think the components like, wheels, bars, cranks are probably going to be comparable if not the same between both. I think it comes down to what you'd rather ride as they will feel different and whether you are prepared to wait. The Alias is going to feel a little more nervous and flicky, spinny being shorter with a steeper head angle and shorter chain stays. The flow will be a bit more stable with longer stays and a slightly slacker head angle - that said there isn't miles difference between them (Same bb rise, 1 degree in headangle, 9mm in chainstays - this will be less depending on how far the chain stretches and you pull the wheel back in the drop outs on the Alias). For me one of the biggest differences will be around the material - Aluminium & Steel feel different to ride - Steel will be more supple and forgiving with a bit of flex however the flow will feel quite stiff in comparison - one is not better than the other it is more what you prefer the feel of. I have always preferred the feel of steel!! If it were my money I'd buy an Alias maybe pop a longer stem on for your height and go for the v brakes with some boosters & better pads - then upgrade as you go (probably the freewheel first!....... However if you like aluminum go the other way. Both of these are streety bikes so be mindful of that they won't feel super trialsy - they will be more like an in between of your Pashley & later Echo - some Frankenstein in between... Good luck!
  6. I haven’t actually managed to watch it yet but reading a bit of the blurb around Chris’s but they couldn’t get to where they wanted to film because of weather so just had to film stuff on the fly that they could find..
  7. Tap was impressive, also at about 1:20 I really like the hooky thing on the black gate. I forgot how poor the quality was on these videos! Imagine seeing this in glorious go pro footage these days!
  8. My own brain - I consciously read books about health, eating, exercise, drinking etc yet my unconscious brain continues to disregard all information and allow me to a be larger swilling, fast food eating, occasionally riding slightly podgy man. What's all that about.. Also the breadth of cycling disciplines that get addicted to poorly executed bar spins and tailwhips ;-)
  9. Probably why I have ended up posting 2 and probably could post a couple more, i'd say I have a top 5 that I find hard to choose one over the other from
  10. I really enjoy this also:
  11. In defence of shimano I have only had the modern ones break with a poor adapter - I’m 13 stone and have been using an xt and deore on separate bikes over the last 2 years and been fine.
  12. Not sure if the same or not with shimanos but I cured that pad rock noise / feeling with some tape on the back of the pads. I used electrical tape but heard surgical tape or gaffa tape works as well. Just clean stick and cut neatly round and it’ll dig into the pistons and hold a bit stiller. Some correct me if for any reason you can’t do that on hopes!
  13. I am sure it’ll be built well and ride nicely but I am not a massive fan of the aesthetic. I like street bikes to have a bit of a angle between the top tube and seat stays so the seat slammed sits a little higher.
  14. I may have bashed up the 20.2 well enough by then to warrant one of these if it’s another 6 months! I seem to be giving the 20.2 some real bashing at the moment - albeit they are built to last so may take a lot more bashing to put it out of action!!
  15. They remind me of my Leeson - just a clean simple looking steel frame and v brake mounts is a good shout personally - especially to keep that no nonsense feel. The Teal is also a really nice frame colour that the photos do not do justice. When I got the 20.2 I was half desiring powder coating it over the winter but the teal is really nice in real life. I'd love to have a little nibble on one compared to the 20.2 as I do really enjoy the 20.2 but always liked a seat and 24" wheels! Do you know if they plan to sell frame only on it? I wish that original testing had resulted in a single ply! That would have been great but I am not sure many others have moaned on the weight front or held people back much. I think it didn't help I swapped to heavier forks and the conti at a similar time and combined added about half a kilogram!