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  1. Thank you Adam
  2. So talking about front screw on style freewheels only, does less engagements make them stronger?
  3. So im building up an Alias 20.1 and want to run a 20" rear wheel with a 2.2ish tyre. Anyone know of any off the shelf wheels or do I need to go custon?
  4. Thank You. Sorry should have been more clear. When I say hub freewheels I mean like Hope or Chris king.
  5. Something Ive pondered for a long time, are hube freewheels considered stronger than front screw on or splined freewheels? Do number of engagement points equal more strength? Who makes the strongest front screw on or splined freewheel?
  6. Thank you all so much, really helpful. This is why I love this place! I guess Ill just go with the freewheel on the front for ease.
  7. Just watched an old video on Flipp on his Alias 20.1. How is he running a rear Hope hub? Anyone know?
  8. hows the bike?
  9. Thanks for the feed back guys. Luke did you go back to the 26" echo, if so how are they different to ride? I only had a short hop around, the 24' felt like a pogo stick. Im only 5,8" and i dont want the 26" to feel to big.
  10. Hi I cant make my mind up on either an Echo trials 24" or pure 26'. I have ridden both and they are great, any advice would be a real help as i cant decide. Thanks
  11. dude thanks for the bike, went out for a quick ride down the seafrfont, the gearing is perfect

  12. v8's are nothing like mg1's shape wise. I just bought some mg1's from Merlin Cycles for £35 which is a right bobby dazler when you think they are the same as Try-alls and Trialtechs only much cheaper. My only issue is i bet the pins rip out quite easily seeing as magnesium is quite soft. They feel nice and big under foot
  13. Why is that, i was tempted by the trialtechs. Are the 09 rage bar the same rise as 08's does anyone know? Thanks for everyone taking the time to get back to me.
  14. Anyone used the tryall rage 09 bars yet, what did you think? im thinking bof getting some but they aint cheap so woud love some feed back. thanks all
  15. Hi everyone please could i get your views on what bars i should get, Trial tech riser or Try-all rage riser. They will be going on an Inspired and im using a Trial tech forged stem. I am also thinking of ditching the stem for hope stem so any views on that. Thanks