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  1. Thank you for explaining this. I understand now! Have you tried both the bb7 and bb5 caliper? I'm wondering if there's much difference?
  2. Sorry I'm confused now. Is that the actual cable or the cable hose/guide?
  3. I have Deore brakes on my mountain bike and they feel great apart from a bit of pad knock.
  4. Thanks man. Does the cable outer make any difference?
  5. Thank you Mark, appreciate the feedback. Any experience of the Magura MT sport brakes? I did also wonder if Shimano would be up to the job?
  6. I thought youd say that!
  7. So I'm building up an Alias 20.1 and wanted to see what people recommend as far as brakes. I was thinking of Avid bb5 or bb7 but I'm open to any recommendations. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the comments. I guess I thought this might be a good option for anyone wanting to do a bit of everything from street to natural trials. Obviously you would ideally want one of each but it would be good to see options for something that sits somewhere in the middle of a pure street bike and a pure comp bike. Maybe like a bit more of an old school geo?
  9. Is anyone riding one of these? Im intrigued to know what they are like. I like the idea of a half way house but does it really work in practice?
  10. good luck
  11. As a self employed person this really pisses me off. Its discrimination and I would argue that self employed people are more secure as its there own business compared to someone that is employed.
  12. Thats great thank you and good luck. That sounds like a sensible price. It would be double that here and Im sure id be earning roughly the same up there. I really must move!
  13. Ali would you mind if I asked what a house like that cost up there please, just so I can torture myself!
  14. Yes I agree. The government is always talking about having a housing chrisis and that they need build more houses but surely if less people owned second homes there would more stock availabile for people to buy which would hopefully keep house prices sensible. A lot of people that live in my village own second homes, around here it seems very normal and I've noticed that some of my clients have started to buy 1 or 2 properties up North as investments as it's so cheap comparable to here. Cornwall is really bad like you've said. Locals can only afford the less desirable areas because of all the second homes bought for high prices in the nice areas.
  15. Im sorry but I dont think its quite that simple. I dont earn minimum wage but id earn exactly the same up north as I do here doing the same job. A friend of mine recently moved north as his wife got a job up there and he now actually earns more doing the same job and his new house literally cost half up there compared to what he sold down here. No doubt there are a lot of people living in my area that commute into London that earn very healthy salaries and that drives up the house prices in the "commuter belt". However there are also a lot of people living in this area working locally and earning modest incomes that have to pay the high house prices to stay in the area. Its actually getting worse since Coronavirus as many people that lived and worked in London can now work remotely so they are now moving out to areas like this where they can get more for their money but still get into the city occasionally.