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  1. Cold summer This summer has become the coldest since the beginning of the century
  2. Biketrials in endless snow...
  3. Summer memories!
  4. Thanks ! )
  5. A friendly clique from Izhevsk trial group split up. Some of them started riding in the park, Others preferred the City. The tension was rising. So was the rivalry.Please enable subtitles - CC button.
  6. ZENITH, Music is MitiS 1.16.2016
  7. I just love a biketrials ...
  8. Thanks !!!!!!
  9. I haven't done tricks on a bike with my friend for about 7 years. It was only regular rides. And now we met again and did some stunts!Someday i'll put my helmet on a wall and there will be just flashes of memories...
  10. Time goes all quicker and quicker... but I can't without rustle of tires, a scratch of brakes and feeling that you made this height!
  11. The winter. Hearts of friends and great desire to burn this winter by energy of our team !
  12. Part 2 ^^)
  13. Summer is always cool!
  14. A bit of fun and sun on my birthday