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  1. I had an early prototype of the Ascend on my bike for around 6 months of winter abuse on a hardtail. I was nothing but impressed with it and so were the other guys who had one too. I've my own shop now and won't hesitate to sell one to any of my customers.
  2. Real nice shots, also a very small world. I see Kyle Dunn in one of your pics.
  3. Im 23 and just started back after a few years off. I have been riding around two months now and am going bigger than I did when I was a jobless 14 year old. Every day out on bike I surprise myself now going bigger and more technicial.
  4. No but I work with a guy that closely resembles the late JC
  5. CRC Workshop
  6. The lengths some people go to stop thier slave cylinders catching thier cranks Awesome skills, does anyone who rides brakeless notice any difference to thier riding when they get back on brakes?
  7. You seem pretty fluid on the bike. But please wear a helmet, from the stack at the end you know it makes sense.
  8. Not much to take photos of as yet haha
  9. I'm fairly sure the Shimano Deore arms such as this CRC Link have slightly longer arms than normal. Could be worth a punt, chances are your local bike shop will have a set laying about you could try.
  10. hmmmmmm
  11. From day to day I see more and more riders locations from Northern Ireland on these forums and would love to get a ride where everyone gets together. I know of a few riders localish to me in Belfast but I am willing to travel within reason for a good get together ride with plenty of stuff to do. So get in here with a show of hands and an idea of some locations. There is some stuff to do in Belfast but I'm sure there is a few hidden gems further afield some of you might know about. Dates can be sorted out once there is a foundation of people to get it going.
  12. I actually popped the 'Our Summer' DVD on yesterday for the first time in a while. Awesome! Can we expect any more such DVD's from you? I would buy another for sure.
  13. Shin pads are not restrictive, man up in that regard! I have busted my shins to shit over the years and recently got myself some 661's. They're not the most breathable things ever but they do thier job and I can't say I even notice them when they're on.
  14. Enjoyed that vid a lot, keep up riding that 24! You have skills and don't let a few people spoil that for you!