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  1. excuse me while I powder my nose

  2. Tarty's know their stuff, i'd listen to them when they say you shouldn't.
  3. I use 90mmx10* with trial tech high rise bars, feel great
  4. i used xoom. was fine.
  5. Run the same geo stem and height of stackers with the trial tech high rise bars. No problems for me
  6. Nice one, thanks
  7. When setting up the v's on my trials bike, do i toe them in like i would my BMX or square on like my maggys? using the slim inspired pads Thanks Adam
  8. Thanks for your answers lads, going with the sd7. can get them new on chain reaction for £20 at the moment. gonna order them and some kit off tartys on friday hopefully when my bursary comes through Thanks Adam
  9. Thanks chaps, i think i'll go for the sd7 calipers then unless i come across any ultimates on ebay. Would they be any good? Some there now but in shit condition. Cheers Adam
  10. I'd seen set on ebay, that's why i was considering them figured i'd get some thing better second hand. Does every one think they're no good? they'll be going on my marino fourplay. Thanks
  11. Spray mount
  12. Yup, pretty cheep anyway
  13. That's sounds thanks. popping by on your bike tomorrow, i'll get them to confirm. Thanks
  14. Going to bid on a shimano xtr br-m960 brake on ebay, just need to find out whether there are seperate front and rear brakes for this model or just one that works for both. Had a look online and can't seem to find much about it. Thanks for your time Adam
  15. Give hope a ring. They won't be able to supply you with anything (unless it's via your local stockists) but they will answer any technical questions quite happily.