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  1. Some of my good friends have been working on this app for the past year, it's awesome so I thought I would share. It's a video based MTB Instructional App that already has over 20 videos. Check out the sample cornering video below. http://trailtips.ca/ https://www.facebook.com/trailtips/
  2. My new DH Bike arrived a week ago on my Birthday and after a massive hangover I slowly got it built up and ready to ride. I spent the last 2 days guiding in the Bike Park on it and I'm really happy so far! Yesterday was a fairly chilled intermediate jump lesson but today my clients were stronger and wanted to ride tech trails and discuss line choice so my day was spent mainly on black tech trails in disgusting wet conditions. After demoing one a couple of weeks ago I decided to get a Norco Aurum C7.2. I still need to cut the seat post shorter, set the tyres up tubeless and get some new pedals but otherwise it's good to go as standard. I also have an air spring on order so I can get the forks dialed. Photos as promised:
  3. I bit the bullet and ordered a new DH bike and it's currently on the way to me from the supplier in Vancouver! I will post photos when I have a chance.
  4. Quoted from Angry Thread. I'm happy because I went back to the clinic 1 week later and they gave me the all clear to ride my bike! I have to leave the stitches in for a few days then go back to get them removed or just cut them out myself. I got lucky.
  5. Crashed today on an 'XC' trail and ended up with 5 stitches in my elbow and a possible broken bone in my hand/wrist, got to wear a splint for a week then get another xray to see if it's a break or not. Damn. Time to enjoy the non bike things things that Whistler has to offer.
  6. Not sure where to post this but the Happy Thread will do because it definitely made me laugh. I'm currently sleeping on the sofa because my room mate snores really bad and the housing situation in Whistler is messed up this summer so I am happy to not be homeless. Anyway... Last night I forgot to shut the sliding door that goes out to our balcony. Whilst I was sleeping a Raccoon came in, walked straight past me, searched through our bins, opened my food cupboard and went straight for my boxes of Cliff Bars. I did kinda half wake up because of a bang in the night (which must have been the bins being pulled over onto the floor) but thought it was one of my room mates, the little b*****d stole 7 bars! One of the boxes was in my cupboard with a few bars missing, the other was on the balcony, the wrappers were on the balcony and some were down on the floor in the bushes. We live on the 3rd floor and the only way it will have got up here was to climb the pillars. It's pretty dark outside but if I can be bothered I might setup a camera and some food to film them another night
  7. It was opening day at Whistler Bike Park yesterday. The trails were fresh and I was happy I chose to ride my trail bike instead of the downhill bike. The Bronson is such a capable bike! I doubt the trails will stay smooth for long so the DH bike will certainly be getting more use in the park than the Bronson
  8. Beast of a weekend. Camped out at the woods on Saturday night, had drinks, played cards against humanity and went on a drunken 2am track walk. Sunday was race day and I was head marshal at the start line. Other than a delay caused by the timing equipment the day went amazing. We had140 racers which included 13 rippers, over 20 women and over 30 first time racers. I'm in the high viz jacket at about 23 seconds:
  9. The Marin Trail at Betsw-y-Coed had a fun descent at the end but way too much fireroad for my liking. It snowed and we got soaked which didn't really help make the trail enjoyable though haha! Penmachno was good but very wet with puddles and streams littering the trails. Loop 1 wasn't as wet as the Loop 2 extension. The final descent was good fun. Because we were already soaked from the morning we were freezing cold for most of the ride! I expect in the summer it's much drier and would be a totally different experience. Coed-y-Brenin was my favourite trail centre of the weekend for sure. The weather was nice to us and The Beast was awesome, the trail is well thought out with a balance of singletrack, fireroad and fun flowy descents.
  10. I had a long weekend off work and my friend was also off so we drove up to North Wales for some Mountain Biking. Luckily I also had today off work which I used to sort my kit out and recover because my body is wrecked after not enough MTB and too much road riding. I have never been to Snowdonia before and have wanted to 'do' Snowdon by bike for years, on Friday I finally got my chance. We went up the Llanberris Path to the summit then descended via the Rangers Path and Telegraph Valley. Rangers Path is without a doubt the most fun descent I have ridden in the UK, if you're a confident trail/DH rider and like technical trail I highly recommend it! At a steady pace pedalling and pushing the unridable sections we got to the top in 1 hour 45 minutes, after spending a bit of time at the top and also having to faff at the bottom of Rangers Path getting a small cut in my rear tyre to seal we were back down at the car 1 hour 15 minutes later. Amazingly my rear tyre continued to hold air the whole weekend, I was close to fitting a tube! On Saturday we rode the Marin Trail at Betws-y-Coed and both loops at Penmachno. Yesterday we rode The Beast at Coed-y-Brenin in beautiful sunny weather before the long drive home. We wild camped for 3 nights, washed in rivers, were soaking wet at times, freezing cold at others and had to dry our clothes using the car heaters between riding/camping spots but all in all it was a fantastic trip. Campsite 1 behind a boulder at the side of the road into Llanberis, we arrived at 1am on Friday morning and had to setup in heavy rain: Campsite 2 was boring and just at the side of a trail centre car park but campsite 3 at the side of the road near Llan Ffestiniog was stunning! Temperatures dropped to about -5 overnight and the tent was frozen in the morning but luckily I had a good quality sleeping bag and thermarest to keep me toasty: And seeing as this is a bike pictures thread here is a bad shot of me and my bike at the top of a cold cloudy Snowdon on Friday. It seemed impossible to get a photo without other people in the background and we were really cold so didn't hang around to get a better photo!
  11. When I used to help manage a page for a bike park we would get way more interaction when we posted quality content. Good content included photos, videos, posters for races/events. Generally if a post was only text it would be ignored even if it included important information we needed to get out to people. In the early days all the main guys involved would make sure we liked and shared important posts in the hope we would get the content out to more people. Paperclip also has a very good point. If I'm away somewhere and wanting to know a good place to go I wouldn't be using facebook to find it, I would be speaking with locals and looking on sites like trip advisor. I also know several people who will not eat somewhere unless it gets at least a 4/5 on http://www.scoresonthedoors.org.uk/
  12. Or it's danger money for having to cycle in London!
  13. There is a saying... Don't dip your pen in the company ink
  14. Like Mike said, do more. I used to work in offices but was fairly active outside of work, I weighed more than I do now and had a visible beer storage system. The past 2 summers and last winter I was living an extremely active lifestyle in a mountain town, I wasn't eating that healthy (pizza and burgers were a staple part of my diet, it was cheaper to buy day old pizza than make my own lunch!), I was drinking regularly and snacking less but I got much fitter and lost weight. I am still active and cycle regularly but I now work in a shop where I'm on my feet all day and have to cover 3 floors so am going up and down stairs constantly. I still wouldn't say I eat particularly healthy, I still don't eat as many snacks (working at a desk is dangerous for snacks!) and I do enjoy a few too many beers now and again but I have managed to keep the 6 pack (of beer) under control compared to a few years ago. To throw a spanner in the low carb diet theory... @Prawny Baby lost a metric f**k tonne of weight even though the Slimming World diet he was on made no sense, he was eating pasta for breakfast every day because it was 'free' and 'unlimited' rather than a 'sin'
  15. Sorry to use this as an example but I can't stop myself posting to say how much I hate the way the bike industry is using the word Enduro. An Enduro is a style of race that you enter on a Mountain Bike, it is not a type of Mountain Bike. Andreu Lacondeguy knows the score: