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  1. Lol, ok then, could I have some of it? Only alu and wood in my garage
  2. It would be stronger no doubt, but a lot harder to work with, right?
  3. Since I´m not attacking anyone unlike you, I think I would still be posting where grown ups do.
  4. This, it shouldn´t be too hard with drill/file/hacksaw and piece of aluminium.
  5. I think this forum needs some section where people could sort out their personal beef, so other topics would stay as shit -free as possible. It works pretty well on other forums. What do you think?
  6. It´s amazing how big can you go with so minimal preload Love the old school tgs vibe.
  7. My appologies, this really is planet bizzaria sometimes though.
  8. So at first you insult me, than I agreed with you and you overreact as was arguing with you and now I´m the one looking for an arguement? How so?
  9. Settle down, I wasn´t stating otherwise. But when you try to fight against it, you are the worst lol.
  10. No, but it could mean they are using some sort of software already If I remember right, they wanted to prove that these drilled cranks are almost identical to the old undrilled version in terms of strenght?
  11. I remember FEA software was used to estimate the stresses in the system, why can't we get hold of anything like that for say, these new echo cranks and a pair of trial techs, or try alls, something that has been proven to be good? You mean like this?
  12. It has got nothing to do with what you ride, it´s just I´m not interested in your vids anymore as I´m not into streety kind of riding. But if you are serious, I´m very pleased and looking forward to some vids. Well, what do I know...
  13. Sorry, but 500+g cranks and 300+g bars aren´t lightweight by any means and weren´t even 5years ago. He obviously considers tt parts the strongest parts on the market, which I fully agree except for few parts(rims mostly), but they aren´t really lighweight, neither is onza frame or saint brakes. They are all reliable parts but light? I don´t think so.
  14. Maybe yes, maybe no, the fact is noone here knows how that happened, but everyone thinks it´s because those cranks aren´t good.
  15. I don´t think you can say exact pressure that is fine for everyone, way too much about personal preference and riding level...If you are pinching, use more pressure till you stop getting them. Or you can do it other way round and start with very hard tire and lower the pressure to the point where it starts to feel good and bouncy without getting pinchflats.