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  1. By the sound of it the nails aren't up to the job.
  2. After 8 years of use my front brake is needing a bleed, the last time. I had to bleed one was on a race line so I don't have a scobie on how to do this. Anyone have a video guide? Can only find ones for the new ones or the 05's. Or can anyone tell me which way the bleed screw needs to be facing? Up or down?
  3. Good luck with that.
  4. Been looking into something just to get me out and about more. Notice the Vitus Nucleus 27 vr has some really good reviews and is about my price range at £550. But is it worth the extra 100 quid to get the Vitus Nucleus 27 VRS? Open to other suggestions about that price range are welcome too. First real big boy bike so all help welcome.
  5. Built a temporary kitchen in the new house over the weekend. Will do till we get some wall.
  6. I'm happy there's a digger in my dining room. Sorting the solem out and doing the pipe work just now then it'll be ready to pour the floor.
  7. Could be reducing the circulation too much maybe?
  8. The fact she can only go one way is bloody adorable.
  9. That's English law, Scotland hasn't relaxed they lockdown yet so it's still just the hour of exercise from the front door I'm afraid.
  10. Spoke to my mates dad who works for historic Scotland. He says you should get in touch with the local authorities as it could be worth something, it's the corners that's got him interested. He's thinking it's something more than just an old arms cache.
  11. Where about in the country is it?
  12. Give me a shout if you plan anything this way. Will give you the best places to see. Definitely worth taking a few weeks to do it in, and worth jumping over to Skye once you hit Applecross and following the A87 back towards Fort William. As long as they can reverse on single track round blind corners they'll be grand.
  13. This is where I am it's in the area of Kintail at the head of Loch Duich.
  14. To be fair, those dry days are few and far between
  15. Should see it in the winter