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  1. I must have missed that
  2. Is there anywere on the net I can stream these episodes?
  3. I was gonna kick off then didn't see the bit in white at first! I dunno what i'm like?? Ask Rich Pearson
  4. I'm not a slag they're all girlfriends! just very short term ones. Out tonight for some more short term action
  5. Anyone got a link to a site of his?? i've got a new race helmet that looks a bit plan
  6. Nova?
  7. ooooooh tin top I like it
  8. Maybe she's just going by another name
  9. nope don't know a jade Um no bit to nuts for my liking
  10. 2cv? or was that to obvious
  11. she was at that point, one to forget haha
  12. Better than wankin aint it
  13. Pretty much yeah
  14. Kassie friday HAHA!! just realised didn't put the seat down oops
  15. Why does anyone want to be a SM anyway?? I dont think i could handle the constant stress that i was letting everyone down and not meeting their expectations