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  1. Sweet! I have never ridden aldershot but let me know when you get your bike
  2. Just got back into it after a few years and looking for places to ride in the hampshire/surrey area, and people to ride with, im from bordon hampshire, but will travel, just no one round my area does it anymore and no where to really ride....
  3. Love it!!! I have the same bike but a standard one! Such a smooth bike to ride!
  4. I can't reply to that topic have you got an email address to send photo

  5. I'd really like to swap my bike with you and would consider giving you a lil extra on top

  6. Like the topic says is anyone out riding today? I'm down in Portsmouth direction! If anyone is riding give me a shout! Need new people to ride with 07511405742
  7. I've also seen people put the cams on the outside of the frame and some on the inside.. Does it matter which way
  8. I've already got those on my bike as well I just don't get why it keeps moving?
  9. They were smooth cams but I have notched them with a grinder figured i have nothing to lose its not as bad but still moves
  10. Need some help I have a Koxx sky 2 and I have snail cams in it at the moment... And everytime I ride the bike and kick hop or hop onto anything the back wheels moves no matter how tight I do it and then the chain loosens and falls off!! And it's sooooo annoying!! Can anyone help!!
  11. Sprayed the forks yesterday haha! And I need a new front brake as well as my piston is screwed aha doesn't work at all! It weighed in at 8.57kg which I dunno if that's heavy or not?
  12. Got myself a Koxx sky 2 and just finished doing some bits to it. Anyone tell me what they think of it and what things I can do to make it smoother to ride? All input would be appreciated. Thanks people
  13. I'm down in Hampshire but don't mind a travel obviously where people are at depends as well needs to be where everyone can access without a 5 hour drive!
  14. Thinking of buying an indoor unit and setting up a hardcore trials arena for anyone to come along and have a go on. Let me know on your thoughts and ideas and anyone want to get in on the idea then let me know
  15. Dude I've never seen you ride Portsmouth! Always down there but never see anyone!