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  1. Cheers Mark
  2. I’ve seen the Conti tyres with a white pinstripe on the sidewalls are they available to buy separate or just on full build bikes?
  3. Stolen joint HP tyres are worth a look they come in 24” variations with tan wall
  4. New Brighton on the Wirral there’s loads of rocks down on the water front and some half decent stuff over on the dips as well
  5. Technique is really easy to be honest, it takes 10 minutes to learn and a lifetime to master!! My background is mostly Mig both mild and stainless steel only started Tig in May this year. All I need is to just get more torch time and work on my feed consistency.
  6. my first attempt at stainless steel tig.
  7. Mega bump! how are you getting on with that mechanical disc up front?
  8. I have a playlist of songs from all my favourite mtb films over the years
  9. That looks super clean!
  10. Yeah nothing unfortunately
  11. They’ve only got the 135x12 unfortunately
  12. Does anyone know where I can get a Chris King HD rear axle the 135mm with the fun bolts? Doesn’t look like Tarty stocks them anymore and I’ve looked online but have only found one place but it’s in Canada. Just wondering if anyone knows of any uk stockists?
  13. Looks good
  14. Who was it on here that was converting the Pro2/4 to 116mm spacing?
  15. Who was it on here that was converting the Pro2/4 to 116mm spacing?