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  1. That's funny, i was just about to post the same picture as i regret selling it too Thanks for selling it me though
  2. Welcome to the forum
  3. Hello mate, do you still want the maladie?

  4. Not sure why but i found that video kind of creepy
  5. I'm from hampshire too mate, i ride a rockman maladie. I live in the horndean area (near portsmouth) PM me if you fancy a ride
  6. Great ride this year, weather was lovely and it's the first time i've had a proper ride for a while.
  7. How much for that ti bb and what size is it shell and axel

  8. I have a ti BB that i can sell you mate, its not very old and is in great condition Drop me a PM.
  9. I'll be there
  10. Tim Rape
  11. Weathers meant to be cheering up for this weekend, and there is a lot of everything to ride, you should come down dude.
  12. Literally just got my bike working nicely again, so is anyone up for a ride?
  13. Troll?
  14. That looks awesome. Loads of funny bails in that video too