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  1. I probably wont book snett now then, this is far as f**k for me to come
  2. 1. dann27077070770950505 2. Tarty 3. Mark W 4. Mike (+1, if needed) 5. Sam Kidney 6. Alistair Hamilton 7. 8. 9. 10.
  3. Bloody Renault back orders -.-
  4. Im trying to PM you mate but it wont let me On addition to my last post .. Im after a set of buckets / harnesses some point in the new Year, im looking at the Corbeau clubsports than Dan has, OR Mirco (?) Just need a lil advice
  5. Im not sure bud, someone on cliosport was selling cheap and i picked up same day pretty much! rear brace needs to be painted and remove the belts but its pretty tidy and im very happy!
  6. I thought I'd share my car here .. Forgot this forum had a car thread! My 182 full fat
  7. So .. I just posted a for sale in the sale section but while doing it I'm not really sure i wanna sell ... I havent ridden it really since last radfest properly and i dont really wanna give up that eaily to something ive spent my entire teenage years doing! Any ways of getting back into it? :/
  8. could be interesting .. maybe
  9. I
  10. they look shit
  11. from memory i can remember the WB which is about 1090? .. ill check in the morning .. i might be wrong
  12. back on topic .. haha
  13. ill get it sorted!