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  1. Thank you for the link will give it a try as its only going to cost a few quid
  2. Is that the spacer I need ?
  3. no tight. I would ring the company I bought them off but I ordered them from china
  4. Hi, Have been using some echo sl cnc cranks and a try all bottom bracket. I have always torqued these up after every 10 or so rides and used thread lock so they never were able to become loose. Have been riding them for around 6 months or so. Was riding today and felt my pedals wobbling a little got off to check and found that I could easily move the crank from side to side with my hand a couple of mm. took the crank off and found the bb where the cranks sits a little bit crushed. Am I going to have to fork out for new cranks and bb or is there anything I can do ? Thank you Luke
  5. I got offered a can of super t's from some crazy drunk guy when I was riding before.
  6. rear: ech tr with cnc backings and blue inserts
  7. Sorry if its been covered, done a search but couldnt find anything. I often practice on my own and listen to music to get me in the mood. Use to have a set of Sennheiser PMX 80 Sport II but found they kept getting caught if I was wearing a hoody and coming off. Finaly broke them when the cable got caught on the bars and ripped out the socket. Just wondered if theres anything better that anyone uses ? Thank you Luke
  8. I use an Echo Tr rim brake and have found it really good, the tpa has better adjustment the slave cylinders are smaller and the hose far more flexible and i prefer the feel of the lever. I would defiantly go for another echo if it were my choice.
  9. I have one for about a month now bought a whole tr rear brake, have left it with the oil bleed. Has been really good so far no leaks really good power. Not sure what it would be like with a water bleed though heard it causes problems.
  10. echo tr rim brake or magura ? which one

  11. DMR LOCDD gets my vote I have them quite a hard compound so not to nice to gloves but feel just right to me and the fact that they lock on makes them even better
  12. Tipped the bars back and the bike feels completely different alot more flicky. My bars are at about 37" high but not sure I can use any more spacers would look ridiculous, going to start off with some riser bars and see if that helps and maybe a stem so I can loose all these spacers. But I can now ride with out my arms aching, so thank you everyone for the advise.
  13. Thank you for all the replys, Onzaboymark If you could measure the height of you bars just so I can see how mine compares. Seen this on tarty;category_id=41 but not sure if thats abit too extreme or what I need any ideas ? Thanks, Luke
  14. Just got my self a fans speed race stock frame. Built it up with echo sl forks and a fsa 100mm 8 degree rise stem and punching flat bars. Found the front very heavy and hard to flick up when riding. i then put about an inch and a half of spacers under the headset and its not made any noticeable difference. Is there anything I can do to make it feel more light and flicky ? Thank you, Luke
  15. Looks good. Got a wheel set for sale that I used on the frame if your interested let me know