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  1. Hi All, Been away from trials for bit, just got another bike and getting back into it (slow progress). Waiting on springs to arrive for my freewheel at the moment but thought I'd put up a post to see if anyone wants to ride sometime. Cheers!
  2. Hey man, I live down the road in Maragate I'm learning still aswell. Mabey go for a ride some time?
  3. hi mate sorry to comment but not yet validated. interested in your carbon booster, do you know how much you want for it?

  4. standard magura pads
  5. hello musicality

    sorry i cant sell my fork alone. if its going it have to go with my czar frame. the frame and fork set is 220. i can settle for a slightly lower price though, thanks!



  6. alrite mate, sorry to comment on your profile but haven't been validated. I am very interested in your forks, can you add some pictures of them please.


  7. hey, sorry I can't post on your for sale thread but I haven't been validated.

    I am very interested in your forks, how much are you looking for them? cheers

  8. HI I run a rear maggy hs33, it tends to slip a bit when i'm up on the back wheel. I was thinking of grinding the rim, but I don't really have the tools or the money to replace the rim if I go wrong. A friend of mine suggested using very fine sand paper as it does the same job. Does it? What should I do? buy tar; use sand paper; get some one else to grind it for me; buy new pads? What do you guys do? And what combinations of grinds and pads and things do you use Thanks guys
  9. cheers mate, will keep an eye on your topic to see if you decide to spit it

  10. nope for the seat and the front brake is a possiable, the pads are fine its got braided hosing and it would come with a 180mm rotor and needs a bleed.

  11. cheers mate, fancy selling me yours? lol
  12. does anyone know where i can get a seat for an 03 ashton justice? cheers
  13. Hi there, one piston on my rear maggy doesn't work propperly. The piston that has both the hose from the lever and crossover doesn't move propperly, however if i twist the tpa all the way in it does move a tiny bit. How do i fix it? thanks a bundle everyone Con!
  14. I ride a stock with a shimano deore freewheel hub that currently has an 8 speed road bike cassette at the moment. I want to change it to a single, whats the best way to do it? Do i need a tensioner? If so what sort etc... What parts do i need to buy, and where is the best place to buy from aswell? So all in all i need oppinions on the best way to go single, and where to get the parts from? cheers everyone
  15. Hey dude, sorry I couldn't post on your for sale thread but I haven't been validated yet. Do you have any 24" tyres? if so would you be able to sell the sumo rims and 2 tires for £25?