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  1. Top riding for 8 years out pal
  2. I've tried going tubeless but these try all k2 rims just let air out. No idea why...
  3. Great video, brings back good memories for me
  4. Awesome!
  5. Anyone play cs:go? Just come across this thread and thought i'd post. Currently supreme master first class rank in competitive. EDIT: Also attended i54 at Easter too
  6. 2 years its lasted? Wasn't it only just over 2 years ago you were saying echo products were made of cheese?
  7. Get out with your mates, riding by yourself is boring.
  8. Hey I'm moving to thurcroft in the next couple of months and wondered if there was anyone local who I haven't ridden with before? Be nice to show me some local spots; seen a few rocks on google maps... Thanks, Mike
  9. Not one of his best videos but top riding, definitely one of my favorite riders.
  10. Great riding mate
  11. You look one hell of a lot more stable on the rear wheel pal, keep it up!
  12. Lets be honest. Its only gonna look visually appealing to trials riders; to others its gonna look a mess.
  13. Looks amazing
  14. Nice riding pal, kieradan tomorrow?
  15. Legend, love all his videos.