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  1. I do, but not like riding round a taped off field. More as a road bike I can ride through the woods on. Though I've just converted mine to 'normal' mtb bar...see how that rides Boardman CX team just if you're wondering
  2. I've finally got round to getting some photos of my build. After months of too expensive, I went for it. So glad I did, rides really nice feels Only issue I had was chain tension, currently running 22-14 and was a little slack. File a bit of the tensioner and it's good to go (note pics pre-file) Spec if you want: Frameset: Inspired Arcade Bars: Inspired Arcade Grips: Proper team Stem: BBB 70x35? Headset: FSA Hubs: Hope Pro II evo, 80t on back Rims: Octane One Solar Pro Tyres: Conti Dannny Mac (AirKings?? ) Brakes: XT 180mm Cranks: Xtr (2nd Hand off a friend) Pedals: Superstar Chainring: 22t Blackspire Seat: Shadow Conspiracy
  3. Not sure if these have been talked about before but: or As far as I can see these are the same as Inspired/Nukeproof. I love mine and only £37, however I'm going for these now just for the through pins: The first ones take the same spares as Nukeproof so very easy to get
  4. I know it may seem a bit dodgy to some but it's looks legit. I doubt Ashton would comment on it if wasn't 100% for real.
  5. Tried to do it properly but failed...,24029/jasonvelocity,91
  6. Getting closer? The New kevlar seat... New lock on grips Both seen on the complete build Arcade
  7. There's a bunch of pics in here: Mostly from Tartydays, I don't think there's many photos lurking as inspired are in Ninja Stealth mode with any info
  8. Bit of a bump but still.... Off Jack Meek's FB.
  9. Just re watched the Inspired at Dressler/Prague videos. Noticed Ali runs the Team forks on his Arcade... broke the originals? Weight? or maybe just a personal thing? Just curious to their set ups
  10. No WiFi for a day and come back to this... wow... guess I'd better get saving One question though, why not go for a 45/45 integrated headset like the BMX's? Then you can just drop the bearings in, instead of banging in the cups. Not complaining just curious.
  11. When emailing around I got "pretty late 2013" . But that wasn't a certainty, just a rough guess.
  12. MASSIVE BUMP Update: Photo from Jonny Jones facebook. Any one got a full bike pic?
  13. 3mins 10 secs in. One big reason not to do it Plus the next clip too Only the nitro circus do it properly. Will find the videos. They backflip them on megaramps...
  14. Second the fox flux. Had my for couple of years. Road, trials and mtb. Fits perfect even with my large(61cm) and annoying shaped head.
  15. Hi, nice bike had an Ashton myself although the newer effect. You've got a half link chain on there, break it/rejoin it the same as a regular chain. P.S: The chain is, as far as I can see, is on upside down and back to front.