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  1. No doubt about it Wiesmann gt.
  2. Or more widley known as the women from scary movie.
  3. That didn't take long.
  4. But then after a weeks binge on his large amount of money he found him self in a rather embarrassing position
  5. This is the best thread i have seen in a while.
  6. Everyone has heard that the bird is the word.
  7. Shall do all i know at the moment is that i hate working with chicken.
  8. Just scored a butchers apprentaship f**k yer.
  9. So i see these pic are from the future.
  10. Have a read of that or you will have a lot of people bitching at you.
  11. What happened to the gu? Looks nice though.
  12. WoW!! my eyes actuly hurt after reading that. Are prisons in the uk the same as that though.
  13. That guy has got some balls that would hurt like f**k if he messed it up.
  14. I got a fiesta the other week and it does the job very well, easy to drive and have not yet been uncomfortable in it.