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  1. I thought you musicians would appreciate this, well I hope you do... Because it was fun. I play bass in a Hardcore band and as much as we take our message serious, we also love to dick around and avoid looking like we don't know what fun is. I had a bunch of bass parts lying around and thought I'll make me a shovel bass, so I did. I didn't have a planer so I had to hand rasp the fret board out which took a loooong time. The only things I had to actually buy was the shovel and the fret wire, I spent a total of 30 bucks to make it haha. For a 13 fret shovel it actually sounds amazing, the intonation is even good which is surprising because I just glued some paper and sit it down next to my LTD to get the fret marks. The Seymour Duncan Phase 2 sounds so good. First time I played it live we also decided to make it onsie themed, non of the other bands though, just us. I also had a bunch of friends asking me what it sounded like so I did a sloppy cover of a TGI song I hadn't played in years, don't judge my playing though, just how it sounds haha. Sounded even better through my actual pedals and not VST's on Reaper.
  2. Hey guys, Long time no post from me. I'm about to try sell my desktop computer because I'm moving from New Zealand to Canada and I want to downgrade to a laptop for convenience. I just know nothing about how much computers drop in value. I bought it mid 2013, built up as a video editing and gaming PC so I got decent stuff at the time and I honestly can't even tell if it's slowed down yet. Still seems to go like it did when I got it. Intel i7-4770 3,4GHz processor 16GB RAM Samsung 120GB SSD and Seagate 1TB HHD Cooler Master G7000 700W Sapphire HD7870 2GB Overclocked graphics card 23" LG IPS LED Monitor I've since bought a Gigabyte wireless adapter because I didn't have it when I got it. I paid $2300 at the time (1300 GBP), I would like to think that I would still get about $1500 (850 GBP) with a keyboard, mouse and Logitec speakers thrown in but I just don't know. I'll chuck the full specs in so you smart cats can see the whole thang. I'm so keen not to sell it for less than it's worth because she's still my baby and I kinda don't want to sell it, but I need a laptop...
  3. I filmed my bands last gig on my Gopro and after the set we were rushed as I was coping it to a laptop and I pulled it out without ejecting. Now I cant open it at all. I can find it under Device Management as Generic Storage Device but I cant do anything other than update or uninstall the drivers, neither of which do anything helpful. Am I screwed and doomed to format it and loose all of my footage or can I save it? I'm also really confused as we put the chip into another Gopro and it worked fine...
  4. Hey guys, got any tips on how to improve my skills? I'm a bass player and have always played with a pick because I've always played Metal and Hardcore. I'm pretty decent and fast at playing but I never learned the basics. I really want to learn some Jazz or Blues to build up my playing, learn some theory and knowledge of standard tuning lol, also get good at playing with fingers. Any ideas on where to start for improvement in those areas? It's pretty easy for Jazz and Blues to become way out of my playing ability hahahaha.
  5. I got rained on all day and had no shelter to stand under, wasn't as fun as the photo may lead you to believe it was.
  6. ^ That is a gorgeous puppy! Band released our EP on Friday, all done by us. Stoked with the response it has received from people. Also slaved away for close to 24 hours to make a lyric video, stressed myself so much to get it done but I am so happy with how it turned out. (Disclaimer: It's yelly music)
  7. I should add, on After Effects
  8. Does anyone have any experience using Video Copilot or more specifically Sure Target? I have an issue that I have no idea how to resolve. I am creating a typography lyric video using ST and I have reached 100 target layers but still have more to go. Is there a possible way to add either a second ST effect to my pre-existing Null Object or create a second Null Object and put ST over that? When I attempt the first option it chooses preference over the new ST and wont run the first ST effect. When attempting the second option I cannot create a second ST Camera layer to anchor the ST layer to. It seems like the only way I can continue is to export my video at 100 full layers in as high of a quality as I can, start a new composition, import that video and sync the audio up and continue from there. Any help or videos you an point me to? Would gladly appreciate it! Thanks!
  9. I never had a console growing up, parents wouldnt allow it. We did however jam the PC. Anyone ever play Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion? How about MDK2? Haha
  10. So I had an LTD B-104 that I wasn't really using so I decided to strip the paint and give it a natural finish. Kinda gave up after a little bit because I thought it was going to look rubbish but just this last few weeks I pulled it out again and have finished it off. So stoked to see what the final thing is going to look like! I'm looking at getting some active EMG pickups for it, a whole new set of electronics for it and set it up for Drop C or something. Everytime I do something else to it I get even more excited lol. The look of the wood is going to look so good next to all black parts on it :3 So surprised by how the body has come up given that it is only Basswood. Since that last photo it has been varnished, I've used a transparent semi gloss and I'm trying to match the color of the back of the neck. All photos are Instagram sorry. Before Before varnishing The head looks so nice! Also, Sanding sucks EDIT: I sat all the old parts on the body once the varnish dried. I'm so giggly now lol.
  11. My band is trying to come up with a name and it is the most frustrating s**t ever.... Every single name that is any good is taken.
  12. I've gone through a lot of crap with my girlfriend. If you remember some of my posts from earlier in the year I talked about how she has had a shocking upbringing and has a lot of issues, if you cant remember I'll go over it a bit. Pretty much she was taken from Florida to NZ by her uncle because her parents where druggies. Spent about 7 years being sent to different foster homes, most of them really bad ones who didnt care about her. Had a very messy break up with a long term boyfriend and tried to commit suicide. Since we have been dating I have spent countless hours convincing her that she is worth something and that she is a good person. Back in the middle of the year she hit rock bottom and threatened to off herself again. I stopped anything from happening and after a long time gave her another chance, because I knew she was worth it. As a result of thinking she had lost me, and me not giving up on her, she has changed drastically and is an amazing person. She still has a lot of independence and walls but she isnt the self hating girl she used to be. Our relationship was going great for a long time, but slowly the passion was dying off until it got to the point where the most intimacy was a kiss good night. I've been going through a lot of personal stuff and not knowing what I was doing with my life and have been pretty low, I went to my brothers wedding and got extremely jealous at how amazing his relationship with his now wife was. I ended up breaking up with my girlfriend two weeks ago because I thought there was no hope for us, we were doing nothing and there was tension building between us. I didnt want to hurt her or get hurt so I thought I had to end it ASAP. A few days later we spoke about it all and every thing I hated about what was wrong with our relationship, she also hated. She wanted to work on it. Because I love her and want us to work I agreed that we could take it real slowly and try repair crap. The issue is, half of me wants it to work out but the other half feels nothing. Its like I have pretty much given up and want to be alone, but every time I think about not being with her I think its a horrible mistake. I know that I need time to sort my crap out, and I cant promise her that I will get back the passion I once had for her, no matter how much I want to. That sucks a huge amount because its extremely hard on her having a big MAYBE over our relationship. I dont know what to do. Give up or keep trying. I've spent a year giving it all I have. Change is happening for the better, but its happening so slow I dont know if I can last, or if I should try and last..... Sorry for the extremely patchy and all over the show post, but yeah. I have no idea what Im doing.
  13. I agree with both sides presented here. A butt load of "depression" comes down to selfishness, refusal to change, attention seeking or something else stupid like that. On the other side, in my girlfriends case, being sent to the other side of the world because your parents are druggies, being passed around foster homes for 7 years, never having a real family and being used by guys in relationships leads to real depression. Having said that, I believe that most depression is situational depression. You could be depressed from living with abusive parents but once you leave there and your situation changes there isn't that reason to be depressed and it fits into some form of selfishness or refusal to change. I quite easily get depressed when I'm stuck in a crappy living situation and anxiety usually follows. When I begin to get to that stage I change crap around and fix it. Having a chemical imbalance leading to depression like Jake's father is a legitimate excuse to claim depression. Blaming stubbornness on a bad past isn't legitimate excuse in my books. As for that girl, its up to you. I've spent a year on a girl with a lot of issues. Its hard work, seriously, it nearly drove me into the ground. You don't have any responsibility for her health or well being, if you think she isn't going to help herself, get out while you can. If she looks like she is on a road to recovery that you can help with, go for it.
  14. *out?