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  1. Mmmm sexy! How do you like the PhatPads? Any video witht them on?
  2. Really enjoyed this Alot of it may be because i have the same frame and we're at about the same riding level Is the new video done yet?
  3. I have bealeays... and they SUCK.
  4. K. TNN LGM or Heatsink cnc yellow?
  5. Looking over the specs and condition, id have to agree with you. ^
  6. Hmm, id say about $600, or £300
  7. I run trialtech sport bars and they haven't bent yet.. never had a problem with then, never tried the TR's though
  8. My 4 bolt mounts on my fork are om the back of it, if I got the adapters I can still run it right? Im a complete join when it comes to vee's
  9. Nice! Very enjoyable video! How old are you? Very fun looking spot to ride too.
  10. Thanks for the replys guys. I have a 4 bolt fork, no evo mounts either. I would need adapters, I used to have some crappy home made adapters, but they SUCKED. rofl.
  11. I've always ran front disc. Wanna try either hs33 front, or vee front. If I were to run hs33 for front, I was gonna go for beleay pads, that I already have(used for my rear hs33, but im getting LGMs for the rear.) Anyway, if I were goin for a vee setup, what setup would I go fo? And has anyone ever ran both vees and hs33 on the front before? What did you like better? Im leaning towards maggie, but wanted to know your opinions. Thanks!
  12. Nice! Wish I could get a custom frame made for me, haha
  13. What method did you use to raw it? Looks amazing! I love that frame too
  14. Just sayin.. freecoasters suck absolutely hate them. Anyway, awesome video!! Loved it thanks for posting
  15. Ha thanks I enjoy riding brakeless, very fun and more of a challenge that's why I want a 24" street trials bike or rebuild my old python to a brakeless rig.