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  1. A+ feedback :) thanks for the frame, in good condition and easy to deal with, fast postage thanks. dont know how to give feedback properly sorry :(

  2. Looks good Like the Idea of putting a nut and bolt through the forks
  3. Nice video bro, hope you start riding more often after Christmas !!!!!!! getting a bit good now
  4. Think I'm going to make an Igloo and camp in it
  5. Nice one Jamie! Nice one Jack! Nearly as good as me
  6. really nice bike! Done a great job of the rear rim
  7. Thank you, Got them from here off whizza. Not sure when ill next ride, my brothers bikes broke and I'd prefer to ride when he does. Thanks, don't know about a vid cant make them to save my life No, all mine Just sprayed the rims white.
  8. Thanks for the comment but there's no chance I'm going to sand it down I love her how she is at the moment
  9. I know ..... thanks bro.
  10. Yeah I did know but thanks for reminding me I'm not too bothered about pulling up fast though to be honest, I think it is better to have more balance on the rear wheel because I usually do more static moves than anything. I still think I will try them a little less forward though because It does look pretty ridiculous. XD
  11. I do. Ha ha, they do look a bit far forwards.... might move them a little and see what I think. Thanks
  12. Hi, Just some pictures of my bike up after doing a little work and buying new parts for it. Here she is.... Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
  13. I feel sorry for you harmertrials.
  14. "not 100% satisfied with it but here she is"............ You're joking right? Every time you bring a new video out you have improved and its like wtf, how can Damon be any better. Nice punch, could probably kill someone with that! haha Beast.