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  1. Looking to get back out on a bike again. Walton-on-Thames / woking area
  2. As easy as swirling a guitar simple really
  3. But you can import brand new bikes for less than 600usd what's how much my echo sl mk3 all ti parts and Carbon bars was just need to know the right places to buy
  4. Just getting my opinion across ..
  5. Would you also like to take the club website off my sig too ? As it's advertising ? That it MY personal site ?? Our non profit trials club ? is a sponsor not my personal website ... If that the way it is shouldn't all videos including the riders sponsors be deleted too ? Was just helping a fellow rider out to give him a guide on prices
  6. Just import a bike much cheaper pal
  7. Since when can't you mention a bike shop on here ?? Haven't been on here in a while but has it really got this pathetic ?
  8. Snip
  9. Nice what film you going for ?
  10. This was the only film I had at the time :/
  11. Got bored today so decided to do this. Opinions ?
  12. Ticky91
  13. Wip-bikes ?? If there still around
  14. Looked a little like my one before it died... Looks nice