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  1. Looking to get back out on a bike again. Walton-on-Thames / woking area
  2. Got bored today so decided to do this. Opinions ?
  3. As easy as swirling a guitar simple really
  4. But you can import brand new bikes for less than 600usd what's how much my echo sl mk3 all ti parts and Carbon bars was just need to know the right places to buy
  5. Just getting my opinion across ..
  6. Would you also like to take the club website off my sig too ? As it's advertising ? That it MY personal site ?? Our non profit trials club ? is a sponsor not my personal website ... If that the way it is shouldn't all videos including the riders sponsors be deleted too ? Was just helping a fellow rider out to give him a guide on prices
  7. Just import a bike much cheaper pal
  8. Since when can't you mention a bike shop on here ?? Haven't been on here in a while but has it really got this pathetic ?
  9. Snip
  10. Nice what film you going for ?
  11. This was the only film I had at the time :/
  12. Ticky91
  13. Wip-bikes ?? If there still around
  14. Looked a little like my one before it died... Looks nice
  15. K
  16. Kingston upon Thames ?
  17. Think I got the last one to be made
  18. Last month cracked my onza genesis frame cracked a try all 3d stem bent my try all crank arm all in a days work :/
  19. I can break anything though also cracked my frame at radfest to
  20. Crowthorne Cycle Trials Addlestone Moor Chertsey Surrey 5 Routes 6 or 7 sections 3 laps observed Elite / Expert / Inter / Novice / Beg Adult and youth all welcome 16th June start 11am sign on from 10.30 Helmets must be worn long trouser advisable Trophy's for the first 3 in their group all begineers will receive a medal if they complete the trial
  21. Crowthorne Cycle Trials - Practice Surrey Hills Cycle Centre (Hook Woods) 1st June Sign on 11.30 practice Starts. 12.00 8 sections set out 2 laps observe yourself or just practice £12 non members £10 members Drenching at the coral /100M hurdles C.C.T.C. high jump Challenge shield /Hoop Hopping/ Unicycle Challenge (Bring your Unicycle) Camping avv £ 5.00 per vehicle (for land owner) Sunday 2nd June 10.30 sign on 11.00 Trial starts 6 sections 3 laps. 5 routes Beg/Novice/Inter/Expert/Elite. (3 sections timed 2.30 mins 3 not timed) £12.00 non members £10.00 members Trophys for the first 3 in their Group all Beginners get an Medal if they complete the whole of the Cycle Trial points carried over to next round
  22. Last time you will see it though ..
  23. Anybody interested in do in any Demos ????? ... Surrey area For Crowthorne Cycle Trials Club Entrance to events Free and riders are free to roam (but will not get paid) 19th May Sunday Merrist wood college Show Guildford 11 - 4pm ( Camping avv ) 23rd June Sunday Brooklands Museum Weybridge Surrey 24th /25th August sat/sun wings and Wheels Dunsfold Surrey (Camping) 3rd August Saturday Brooklands Community Park (Leisure Live) Weybridge Surrey
  24. i have always been a mod rider (short frames) and im a compy rider that like to try some silly lines out and now i want to try out 26 but im stuck between two frames that are in my budget help me pick ? what will suit my riding style onza genesis 1090wb 380cs 50bb zhi z3r 1080wb 380cs 75bb help ?