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  1. Arrival will be in the early early Friday morning as our ferry is supposed to arrive at about 1.30 am on Friday in Dover.
  2. ...straight outta the BMW. We now only need some shorts, white socks and sandals to fully keep the shit real BTW: Is there anybody out there with an active Dartford Crossing Account? If so, I would really appreciate someone covering my car for 1x Crossing next week (arrival will be after 10pm, therefore I only need it one way). Due to me not having a creditcard and those retards not accepting PayPal it's kinda tricky.. Will, of course, cover any fees plus bring a few german beers for that particular nice guy on radfest
  3. EU-members incoming!
  4. It actually sounds very mich like Hope as they sorted me out with a new axle and bearings.. can't say anything bad about them. What actually is pissing me off is me not being able to keep shit together.. such as bills. Especially when it comes to a 200€ hub. I never had to send something in as I usually fix things myself. I would have done that as well here, but there were no advance warning before the damage.. Just imagine what happened here: <hub blows up> Me: Oh hello there hope support. I bought a hub of yours like 2 years ago and now it suffered a collateral damage. Hope: Yeah sure no problem. Just send it in with a proof of purchase. Me: Uhh.. Their support is dope as f**k, I wrote with like 3 technicans who really tried to help me but having no bill or something was tricky, plus 2 years or something is bit off regular support I guess. I was trying to get some proof of purchase by looking up my email-inbox from two years ago, even contacted the shop I thought I bought it off.. no chance. In the end I was given the axle and bearings for free, which, having pointed out my stupidity, is a really really nice gesture from hope. A lesson was learned that way.
  5. Litteraly destroyed my Hope Pro2 40T Evo Trials a few weeks ago.. axle, hub shell and bearings within a few minutes. I bought it new like 1 1/2 years ago and of course couldn't find the bill when Hope asked me to send it to them. After loads of emails I finally recieved a new axle as well as the particular bearing that blew up - which, to be fair, is a huge support by hope. Gutted, though, having to go on riding with a damaged hub shell as it's now weakend right next to the disc mount, which, of couse, is in use ..
  6. I can't help but like the look of those Spank logos on these rims when spinning. Not going to get them though.. long live the anti-mainstream Nice riding style as well.. !
  7. Almost shit my pants at the ´clean´ one
  8. *germanz. We're in as well, as Elias said. Might as well be interested in some local pubs... ähh.. culture
  9. It's lovely to hear that people are still looking forward to our vids even though It's been a while (again..) and there hardy are any improvments when it comes to certain street-specific-skills haha haha well.. Fabi, in fact, edited the clips before he found a suitable track.. which is exactly what you've been thinking I think it's nice though, for I'm a huge fan of listening to freewheels and the noises tires make when touching something. Especially when there are no noises coming from the bike which are not supposed to be there. Let's say I haven't been much on the "seated" bike lately as I was more into "real" trials with my 24" Because, so I went for change in january (pay attention to the helmet as well, I used to have the same for almost 8 years now (since I never fell on it and it was quite comfy) and decided to do a round-house-kick in all my equipment haha). Plus putting on the MT7 on the back wasn't such a good idea in the end as I now need some fixing done on the frame which most likely resulted from me being stupid. I wasn't actually expecting it to work either haha. We went to this spot and Fabi thought it could be cool as we filmed there before and needed fresh ideas... Then Rage-Mode happened
  10. Using human obstacles got nothing to do with this. One who knows how to ride trials properly and keeps his bike in fully working order won't ever get into a situation like that. I could vomit watching people gap off from like the middle of an obstacle rather than using the edge.. it's just like trying to snap the chain on purpose. This implifies that the rider is nothing more like a rookie and should never be allowed to involve a human being in his actions.. Sorry for the hate, but those are just my thoughts. And yeah, we involve people in our demos as well - of course it's always someone of our team and not a stranger, though, and we just do the "Star" and not some drop/gap/whatever actions which, once failed, could lead to a serious injury.
  11. This. I went for the standard Storm rotors in the beginning as the brakes came with them but they didn't really develop a decent hold.. as if you needed to bed the pads back in every time you ride. The choice of rotors was taken off me since I once accidently pulled the lever when landing a rather big abubaca, which led to the rotor being kinda bulged in the rear. I then went for the old SM-RT66 I used to have with the Saints.. works perfectly well. Any infos on those Trialtech pads, though? I remember someone mentioning them but couldn't find them on Tartybikes or something back then. Martin
  12. Is that a 74Kingz booster on the front as well? Holy cow
  13. Yeah. It's just like saying "I don't trust in this HS33 stuff.. I mean, pumping oil through a tiny plastic hose hoping it won't popp? Nooo way!"