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  1. yes they had a 3 year deal so it will be the last year in China this year
  2. My daughter is riding trials as well, she is not 7 any more but I have been looking for light components as well building up her bike(s). The lightest crank I have had on her bike have been the Echo SL's. I received the same comments at that time that they snapped easily (even seen a couple of pictures on this forum) , but she never had a problem with them.
  3. Here is a short video of my daughter her training with César Cañas 2 weeks ago in La Poma Bike Park in Barcelona
  4. here you go: you will need to select the 2017 season, I think you see the 2016 clicking the link.
  5. yes it is very simple, just keep pushing the "button" it will take pictures in burst modus. Another option is to install an app like "burst mode" but that costs a little bit
  6. they will start selling mid October. I will update once the website is on-line
  7. No not yet. Currently some of the new components are being tested both during competitions as during special testing sessions. after the World Championships they are going to work on the website and more information should become available. I will update as soon as I have news
  8. Nobody nailed it during the competition. Jack tried it after finishing the section in the final. It was his last section and nailed it then. But not during the competition itself. It was the only point he made in the finals!
  9. that's my article
  10. The pre-series were indeed delivered this weekend in Les Menuires for the team riders. Here is a picture of my daughters bike. It is a custom buildup, so not the standard bike. Standard it will become with hope brakes not the Brake Force One brakes as on my daughters bike. It is a great bike. Good build quality and light. Hers is at 7.3kg, the standard bike a little bit heavier at 7.5kg. They are working hard now on getting the production bikes out. They will sell them directly via the Crossbow website, which is still under development. And also at Vertigo dealer. It is a new brand and they want to make sure quality is good so things take time. I will update this post a soon as I have more information on the availibility of the production bikes.
  11. They are beyond prototypes now. The pre-series for the team riders should be ready for the next world cup in Les Menuires. after that normal production will start and they should become available to the market. The initial setup was that they would sell directly via an on-line webshop. Not sure if this has changed or not. They will be sold as complete bikes, they have most of the components under the Crossbrow brand as well. But I am sure framekits will be available as well.
  12. I have laced a couple of 19" rear disc wheels. I have always laced them 2 cross on the drive side and 3 cross on the disc side
  13. We have an Evoc Bike Travel Bag. not sure what you have or if this one is too big for you. What I ilked about it is that I do not have to remove the rear wheel to transport the bike, it is a 24" Ozonys Curve, and that it is easy to fold it together when not used so it does not take too much place at the hotel/accomodation. I have attached a picture. As you can see it also has room for the shoes, helmet, bottle, ...
  14. Don't think it is officially out as of yet. Xavi is working on having everything ready sometime in December. selling will be done via his own on-line webshop I believe, not via local distributors. the models have been presented at EICMA together with Vertigo. Next step will be getting his webshop on-line.
  15. Have a good look at the video, he could not ride off the slackline with the safety slings attached to the his bike and himself on the slackline.