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  1. 501 is the type, any led/non led will work fine(might have to try both ways with leds) Volvos(AFAIK 02+) have bulb blown warnings so try and grab canbus safe ones to avoid the dash light.
  2. Forgot to keep the zero people who care updated. Bought new hoops, spacers, tyres, nuts. Made new links for the standard airride level to sit. And boom... Wheels are Stern ST2 8.5/9.5j the tyres originally were bridgestone Fusion ZRI's 275/30 on the rear. Spastic tyres what would appear m3 boys rave about in murica, so now Triangle 215/35/19 fronts and 235/35/19 rears. Japspeed 20mm spacers up front TGR motorsport nuts It drives at that height, but the car has a high mode that brings it up around an inch and takes out some off the bounce.
  3. Nope, on the balljoint, it has a washer places against the 'flat' spots before the threaded section, so it has to be undone. There is no other way i can see.
  4. Does anybody have any idea on what tool ill need to remove this bolt? Space is VERY limited, before it got chewed with mole grips, a 10mm, 9mm and 3/8ths splined spanner didnt fit (10mm was close but slipped) There is no hexagonal bolt on the bottom of the 'castle' thing
  5. Hang fire until the shitty dip is gone, it wont be long... This will be the new standard soon enough. Batterylife is pointless to even look at nowadays, theyre all about ~ the same, degrading overtime is part and parcel. Specs are there abouts the same on most phones. Just unlike apple, the updates dont check for battery degradation to under-clock your phones performance. Bloatware on samsungs is the worst thing about them, but you can flash a rom onto them if you have the knowledge to get stock android+. Dont even bother looking at sony, no one considers them worthwhile anymore in the tech world. The headphone jack removal i think will be more and more regular moving fowards, until usb micro-c is the norm(imo) when it eventually gets standards. The camera software makes the camera... iphones genuinely are the best out of the box settings.
  6. Nvm, sold already
  7. Selling a Pure Highway 400, basically new for £75 posted if anyone be interested. From facebook marketplace: Pure highway 400 in-car digital radio adapter with Bluetooth music Bought from halfords for about £120 a couple of months ago. Works perfectly, aerial wasn't stuck on so still is new and ready to be stuck wherever. Works in any car so long as it has a USB or 12v socket. Stream music from your phone to any fm station, or dab through the unit itself. It also includes a aux connector if you care to use that. I've got it set to 93.30fm to avoid other fm transmitter users and local stations. blaah blah, in no hurry to sell it, but open to offers. Other news, cold aircon is cold. 3.2 degrees.
  8. I tried googling for local mobile aircon regases, to no avail to match your description of a old dude who does it manually. So went onto Groupon and get a regas+clean for £40 at ats PLEASE DONT BE LEAKING :S, just hope its been neglected like the rest of the car apparently.
  9. Air-con has decided not to to play anymore. Please just be a regas fix. f**king worst time of year too.
  10. Is trials even still counted as a sport? i haven't bothered venturing off chit-chat for the longest time...
  11. <3 Job and done. Smoothly did it. No dramas. Im just shite with relationships. so will forever vent on here until trials dies enough that the page goes.
  12. Not in the slightest, i spoke to her after a load of shit kicked off the other night, and honestly think i saw the real her, i was close to walking out, but my 23 hour awake mind couldn't work out what to do, so i said ill think about it, and then slept in my car for a few hours before going home. I have to be careful with upsetting her as the job is on the line, she has the power to stop the agency i work through booking me. f**k just remembered she is out with me tomorrow at work.
  13. True.... just got to face up to it i guess. f**k.
  14. I've had a plan, normally i would just use the 'ive been busy with work' shit a shot to distance myself, thus letting it end smoothly. In this situation, i cant, i see her most days. So the plan, f**k clipper, im self employed but greedy, im going to work elsewhere for a month, a local vehicle movement firm on average is 15 hour days. There is my excuse, without loosing too much money. I really hope that this works... I could alternatively just shoot myself in the head next, my feet have already been blown off with my unsuccessful relationship life.
  15. Meets 'really nice girl' to of what i thought/think After first date she posts a pic up of me onto IG with caption #thisguy #poop Really nice girl is jealous as f**k about my having a best friend who is female Really nice girl ends it - and tells me that she cant wait for our next date Really nice girl says that she feels like a mug because i didnt say that my best mate was female from the off(i have Muslim, trans and Jewish friends, probably should mention that too) Really nice girl is showing bipolar tendencies Really nice girl is fine one moment and then is about to end it the next leaving my on the highest of highs and then feeling like shit. Fed up of really nice girl - its has been TWO f**kING WEEKS Think really nice girl is mentally broken, how do i always end up with these girls.