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  1. Hey John, congrats on learning rear wheel hops during lockdown! Rear wheel hops (or any kind of static technique that involves lots of inertia) will be at least twice as hard as a trials bike, due to geometry mainly but also due to all the extra weight from suspension, gears, extra tubing for the seatpost, it all adds up. You'll find a trials bike will be much more playful, especially with a longer stem/handlebar combo as that gives better control of the bike when on one wheel whether that be rear wheel hops, or front wheel hops if you learn them! I'm a bit biased as I love trials bikes, so would say definitely pick one up to at least try it out. Don't go too cheap as it may put you off, I'd say £200-£300 would be a good budget for a decent second hand trials bike. Good luck!
  2. Can't say no for 130, looks like a super low bb setup. I've come back after 5 years too!
  3. Ross is spot on here. I've run kaisers and tryall stiky lites for years with a beefy rear inner tube, and touchwood I do the harshest gaps and don't get punctures. People are often amazed at what I get away with lol.
  4. Would have loved to have seen a wider variety of riders, this almost felt like a pro rider edit haha! But this isn't a bad thing. Kept me entertained.
  5. This is gorgeous bro!
  6. Germans with their nice cars. Nice bikes and nice women Wasn't keen til I saw the 04 levers. Good man
  7. This was my first ever up to front. I think that's sorta the minimum height to do them really.
  8. Shame you didn't go to sainsburies or hove peace statue drop gap
  9. Nice seeing someone else ride brighton for a change
  10. As Mark said it's deffo not a skull. I first thought zhi but could well be a neon.
  11. Top stuff Thomas
  12. Now spring is here I try and ride Sundays
  13. Where are you from?
  14. Last saw a video of you about half a year ago or so and you have improved massively since!!