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  1. Viewing for work tonight
  2. In less expensive topics, got some new (to me) forks to replace the standard cheapo Rockshox on my Jamis. Set at 140mm so I get an extra 20 from standard and man does it make a difference! Feel it needs some Raceline Magura MT's now to match the stickers and pedals
  3. That half pedal is unreal!
  4. Read this thread then saw Jack Carthys latest IG post......
  5. Bought some tapered forks off ebay to go in my tapered Jamis Dakar mtb, pulled forks out today to fit new ones and they're bloody 1⅛" with a reducer crown race so got to order a new bloody headset cup before I can fit the new ones
  6. I'll be honest, I've literally just sold my CX bike (about 2hrs ago) and this makes me want another with some bigger volume tyres to get out on some proper trails with! EDIT: Would actually love to see him ride another comp nowadays just to see how he approached stuff and what he would ride. I remember Ali doing one at Matlock when he'd just got his Hex and it was almost mind blowing seeing him attack the same sections people were pogo-ing about on. In fact I'd love a seated class at a comp (probably similar to the retro comp they had at the Biketrial Academy a few weeks ago).
  7. Forget all these TF track days we should have a TF Morzine trip!
  8. That was a kip up. Maybe don't use your knees and actually pull up on the bar. You're just using momentum to get up and almost zero strength.
  9. Always makes me want to take brakes off bikes, loved it!
  10. Came expecting to be blown away, leaving feeling disappointed. Crank flip I have to admit was tidy but it did feel like a lot of spinning and big drops and not much else. Agree with Matt24 about potential trialsy lines, 2:57 when he's riding down the road with railings either side I thought there was something coming but no he just rode down the street and into some more spins. Granted the Arcade is made for streety stuff but it seems to be almost at a point where it is bmx with trials elements rather than trials with bmx elements? On a random note, does the harshness of when that bike hits the floor go through anyone else, sounds like someone has emptied out the cutlery drawer onto the floor!
  11. Pair of Hope Tech V2's with mounts, 160mm saw rotors and Union Jack reservoir covers for £35? Absolute bargain!
  12. 2 for sale on Facebook currently Ads, sure you've got room for another bike!
  13. No way to class it as a business purchase and claim some tax back then no?
  14. Dude have you still got your original 07 python frame? 

    I'm trying to track down the geometry for it as I've always wanted another ever since I got rid of mine and I can't find it anywhere! 

    1. Pít



      Yes :)

      I have the long one, its 1045/375/50/72 with an old echo lite fork, and 1035/375/55/72 with an old echo urban fork 

  15. Ah the good old Vario, a staple of the trials comps of the late 90's! I remember wanting one of them as well when I first started riding as they were the first proper trials frames (other than the 26" Megamo's) I'd ever seen.