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    onza comp 2010 frame standard onza 2009 forks ehco tr riser handlebars trialtech sport forged stem (white) trialtech sport forged cranks
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  1. I remember hearing, a good few years back now, about a video where cls tested out an onza limey 320 prototype. I've always wanted to see it but I've never been able to find it! Does anyone know if this video even exists, and if so, where to find?
  2. so i haven't been on my own bike for about 9 months now and I've been riding my friends echo 24 which I love!!! really want a 24" now For some reason the sound from the clips is muted and I'm not sure why and i didn't spend much time on the editing... it was basically a bit of fun to get my through my study leave while I wasn't revising
  3. [media=] just garden clips. sorry about all the sidehops
  4. i've not been ridiing two years longer than you i've only been riding two and a half years in total it's one year maybe even half you wee liar
  5. aw right haha cheers I'm 14 but pretty small and riding a really long bike at the moment but some how I'm improving
  6. cheers... i think? haha
  7. ye it is loose but it's not my bike
  8. that's just how i set up, i like to take my time to get into the right position and right balance point
  9. Probs doesn't look that high but for me it's huge
  10. The only reason i put this up is to see the response which is hillarious I'm not saying i"ve jumped on the band waggon
  11. It's not mine but it's a 2011 i think disc frame Thanks man
  12. aye well i used to ride every saturday with barry a year ago but my bikes broken and this my mates so i can't really :/
  13. It's not as good when you find out i've been riding three years :/ but i've kinda been on and off the bike ;)i started when i was elevn so i wasn't the strongest or the tallest i've improved a lot these past few months