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  1. Looking at your bike picture thread you're already running dabombs in gold? I'd just carry on running those, if colour is the issue, try spray paint!
  2. Pretty sure Ali C was in the 40-50 range and Danny Mac is in the 50-60 range. In the sick series video where Fabio wibmer takes his trials bike down a downhill track he comments on how him and elias have their tyres at 3bar, which works put to around 45psi
  3. I'm looking at getting some riser bars for my inspired flow as I feel that a higher front end may help my riding especially as i'm quite tall. Been looking at a choice of 3 bars, as far as I can tell the inspired arcade bars are the go-to but also seem to be hard to come across at the moment. The second choice is the TMS street riser 750's; they seem to have a fairly similar geometry as the inspired, are the same price and are easily available but I can't find any reviews on them. The third option is the da bomb tactics; they're the cheapest of the 3 bars (£37.50 vs £60) and are easy to buy, but i'd rather pay the extra if the other bars are worth it. Does anyone have any opinions on any of these three bars? or any other recomendations? 1) https://www.tartybikes.co.uk//handlebars/inspired_arcade_riser_handlebars/c136p12291.html 2) https://www.tartybikes.co.uk/handlebars/tms_street_riser_750_v2/c136p13515.html 3) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Da-Bomb-TACTIC-MTB-Dirt-jump-Street-High-Rised-Handlebar-31-8-mm-2-Colors/222875706755?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=521707395516&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  4. Sorry for the double post but what thicknesses of foam have people used for their DIY huck norris'?
  5. Tempted to head along to this as it's only about an hours driver, I'm a complete trials newbie who can barely hop though
  6. Thanks man, watched so many of ali's videos over the last few days so not sure how I missed this. Ordered some valves and some sealant, just need to get some foam and I'll be good to give it a try
  7. Just got myself an Inspired flow as my first bike, looking at changing to tubeless Anyone got a link to the guide mentioned above?
  8. Good spot! Looks like the elements sold now anyway, so I'll probably try pick up one of the disk/disk flows unless the purple one goes cheap Thanks for your help man!
  9. This is the best picture of the rear end of the element, and from what I can tell it looks rim brake only Is there much difference at all in the frames as a couple of disk/disk flows have come up for sale for not a lot more and a fair bit closer
  10. The element is white with what I believe to be the newer style decals? The flow is purple and being sold as a 2015 bike. But both appear to be rim brake only
  11. Has anyone had any experience with both the inspired element and flow? I'm looking to pick up my first trials bike and have seen a used element and a used flow up for sale at the moment. The flow is on an auction (the exact bike sold last month for £481) and the element is up for buy it now for £350, as far as I can tell though the element is the higher spec'd bike having hydraulic rear brakes etc. The only Issue is that the flow is 25 Miles away while the element is 240 miles away and won't post. Am I right in thinking that the element is the better deal? Is it worth the trip to go and get it over the flow (would bring the cost to around the same)? Thanks James Edit: Forgot to add that I may have some friends up near the element that could pick it up and ship it for me, does that make it a no-brainer?
  12. Couple of pics of hovercraft racing
  13. The latest family portrait t
  14. Bought myself a non-running 1982 mini city ... getting it running and keeping it standard until i can afford the insurance if i mod it ... may not be running but the bodywork is almost spot on
  15. Google make the "base" android operating systems which is then sent to the phone manufacturers, who then optimize it for each one of there phones, then this is sent to networks and customers so there phones can be updated ... networks also send out upgrade packages to optimize the phone for the new systems... pretty sure thats how it works since i get all my updates from Vodafone and HTC not google