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  1. Cool effect, but i agree with Ross....also, not sure if I would have use the positions you did...maybe more or the dynamic ones, not the ones of you being mid pedal stroke.
  2. I mean...any hamburger is better than Mickey D's....that's not really a fair comparison to make as it really does a disservice to the hamburger. I don't know if you guys have Cook-Out in over there....but THAT is the best (and faster/fresh) hamburger. Five Guys is just floating in grease....good, but jesus they're greasy af.
  3. Man....if you guys think Five Guys hamburgers are
  4. biiiiiig ups in that video....
  5. You probably have shit tools. The nicer tools like Craftsman, Snap-on, Pittsburgh Pro, Matco all use thinner wall sockets for this very mechanics often need sockets to fit in tights spaces...find a nicer it will fit.
  6. FB page says it's a prototype at 7.5 kg...and a 24, not a 26...meh..
  7. That color scheme is disgusting...but eh....doesn't look bad if it were bare.
  8. This
  9. A little advice from an ACSM CPT, yeah, Insanity is gets people active and off the couch. But past that...meh. Nothing replaces weights. Period. If you're fat and want to lose weight, weights. You want to gain mass, weights. You want to get strong, weights. If you want to get strong and want something SIMPLE? Do squats (and box squats for the explosive power), deadlifts and dips. Those 3 give equal amounts of pulling, pushing and work your lower body AND core. If you vary your DLs you can build a MASSIVE back and hamstrings. Dips CRUSH your shoulders and chest if you vary the body position and do them weighted. Squats are self explanatory. Obviously that's a very SIMPLISTIC approach and more exercises should be added but those "big 3" will get you strong as shit and fairly minimal technique is needed as compared to other olympic lifts like snatches and jerks. You want good cardio? Go do hill sprints or go ride a road bike or take a spin class. That's the FASTEST way to get insane good cardio without beating your body up with loads of running. If you want to do things without're kinda out of luck....Buy a set of rings and you can get a FULL body workout almost anywhere. Yes, you can even do leg and core exercises on rings. It's all bodyweight, but it's low it's arguably as effective as lifting weights. Be forwarned though...the learning curve on a lot of ring moves take a hefty bit of building up to. Prepare to be humbled REALLY quickly on rings.
  10. I just turned 33....started riding trials without knowing it in a real trials bike in 2000ish...quit for a few years...picked it back up and rode until like 2005ish...quit, picked it back up in 2008 and haven't stopped since. I've gone long stints of not pushing myself and/or riding for weeks at a time....but kept a bike or three around. Being older, it's a bit less about pushing yourself and more about having a good time. I don't really push myself any more, like drop gaps to rails, etc, but I'm riding technically bigger and better now than I ever have...just far less riskier. All of my gaps are close to the ground (like less than hip height) but at like 9ish's a security thing...I could do a 6 foot gap easily, but the fact that it's 5 feet in the, no thanks. Keep riding. "An old dude" killing it is far cooler than a young lad going bigger and farther.....because everybody knows back in the day, "the old guy" was probably gnarly as hell.
  11. Not really a fan of him on 24"....solid rding...but IMO he looks so much better on a 26.
  12. No #hashtagg frame?
  13. First time I've shot myself was to check my form. I'm 6'0" 188 lbs. 315 lbs deadlift (45 lb bar.) Not a PR but somewhat heavy none the less. Didn't try to PR since my back was sore from previous day's full body routine and this was the END of today's back workout. I've gotten up 405 lbs (4 plates on each side) 3 times in one set, so I have no idea what my 1RM is. This was the 3rd time in a row within a minute I lifted it. The first time the camera didn't record it, the 2nd time it was waaaay out of focus, and the 3rd time I was lucky cause some unknown number called at the end of the lift (that's why it doesn't show me putting it down.) I quit while I was ahead lol. I also don't normally use straps but I'm recovering from lateral and medial epicondylitis in both arms (tennis elbow in my left and golfers in the right.) I feel like I got rid of any/all sticky spots by really focusing on hip and thoracic spine mobility for the past couple of weeks. It's made a HUGE difference in the poundage I can lift by being at a more mechanical advantage. Any tips or observations?
  14. I'm gonna bet this video blows up bigger than people think...
  15. Here's a bit of nostalgia for you old schoolers. It's my pumptrack and play bike. Got the bits sorted out. Couple things I still need to get sorted but for the most part she's done. Most all the parts were sourced from my spare parts bin Specs: Profile Racing 208 EP rear hub laced to DX32 X9 front hub laced to vintage NOS Campagnolo Thorr rim Avid Ultimate rear brake with Odyssey clear pads Shimano carbon booster Avid BB7 front brake Manitou R7 fork King headset Monty carbon race bars 3T Dorico LTD carbon roadie seatpost (!!!!) Middleburn ISIS cranks with Middleburn spider and Raceface 32t narrow-wide chainring Try-All 123 mm ISIS BB Straitline pedals I'm sure I missed some other things....