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  1. Not all of us
  2. Am i mate!!!!
  3. Yerrr, Steady little blender i am!
  4. Twit twoooooooooo! Look at my boobies.
  5. hey pedestrians, reallly wanting a new bike, should i get and inspired? or something more TGS'eeeyyyyyyy Thanks
  6. carnt believe people are still argueing in my video post? Now thats sad.... oh jeeeeeez
  7. Yer Just wondering how big is your dads dick? walked in on mine in the bath last night, was probably about 47" all round. Meh about the same size as i can side hop (on off though) Anybody else experience this??
  8. Do one! Ladies carnt you realise im past the point in caring f**k of and make a topic about each others life, inface ill do it for you!!!!! WIERDO'SSSSSS
  9. No just the sound of me going to bed seen as though I'm up early doors for work morning sexy loveyou <3 Backing down? You serious? Were on a forum mate get a grip and wake up, mr I've been through everything!
  10. yer im concerned about you too mark...... good night homie's
  11. This must be a sticky? never had so many posotive comments, might make more video more often! Dont give a f**k about any sad buggers life on here, mines not great either, but you dont see me blaring it out across a f**king internet forum! Grow up get a grip, and most importantly ride you BIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
  12. Yes andddd?????? What the f**k is one of them?????
  13. and you would know, because you have been through virtually everything haha
  14. No i did'nt notice, probably because i really dont care? Can you not understand that? It's you guys that get mad and upset, im actually LOL'ing at you lot
  15. Shut the f**k up! i cant take a joke? haha you clearly dont know me. sympathy vote?????????? I dont care, you guys are totally raddddddd, TAKE A JOKE, SMOKE A BLOKE, WHO'S LAUGHING NOWWWWW??????? Oh f**k im wrong. I really do apologise, in which way am i possibly wrong?? ha