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  1. will get there... eventually
  2. That's pretty much what I'm going to do except there's no rear rack so using the seat post instead
  3. ok 2 miles was what they told me, just checked the map, it's actually 4.5 miles lol those cheeky f*cks. Anyway I'm onto it, got some ideas from your replies, including---you guessed it---ben_travis's gif. Bought this clamp for about 3 quid and other bits which are on their way, I'm sure you can see where this is going. By the way here in China we have loads of public bikes so the plan is to grab one of those, slap the tow bar on, then when I get to my destination take it off and throw it in my bag, so I don't need to worry about a second bike.
  4. Unless people are waiting for you at the end of 4 miles
  5. Yeah I just prefer to spend my time riding trials than commuting. Maybe it was more than two miles though, took me nearly 40 minutes to get there. Overthinking looks like... Ali C has got a van
  6. I need to come up with something. There are too many unexplored riding spots out there...
  7. Yesterday my MTB mates invited me to join them in their town ride, about 2 miles from where I live. 2 bloody miles?? I told them it was too far to ride out on a trials bike, but then I was called a p*ssy so I pretty much had no choice. After all, nobody is going to give me a medal for not turning up, and two hours later I was on my way to the spot. As I had anticipated, it was a ton of fun once I got there, but the getting from A to B and then from B back to A after a 4-hour ride was pretty painful. Riding new spots is always fun so I thought there must be a way to tow a trials bike behind a regular bike. I have some ideas how I could hook it up to the seat post of an MTB, but I'm not sure that would work well in practice, has anyone here ever done something like this? cheers
  8. For the time being I'm sticking to mod, mainly because my flat is tiny and I'd have nowhere to put another bike. Although I've been toying with the idea of getting an Inspired, after watching Ali C and Duncan's vids, those bikes really seem like a lot of fun
  9. Flat vs slight downward slope, what's the word?
  10. I'll crank up the PSI before tomorrow's ride. For pure trials riding manuals probably aren't particularly useful, but they look sick.
  11. I ride a mod and would like to learn to manual. Been riding for a few years now and I can pull fairly decent gaps, taps, bunnyhops, blah blah but manuals... it's become kind of like a holy grail. Ali C et all—and pretty much everyone I've seen riding an Inspired bike—seems to be good at manuals, but I can't find any mod manual videos. Are street bikes generally easier to manual, or am I the problem? If you have any youtube links please share them here, cheers!
  12. Maybe a slightly longer frame, at least for me. Riders come in all shapes and sizes—so should bikes. Mark has a good point about the gym machines. Regardless of whether it's flat or riser bars, I find generous backsweep and gentle upsweep to feel a a tad nicer.
  13. Good point that riser bars produce a rise. Another advantage of raiser bars is that axial forces are greater which reduces torsion near the clamp, reducing the chances of snappage. Some crazy motorbike handlebar angles here.
  14. Function vs looks. But I would go as far as to say a downsweep would feel better than an upsweep. There was a rider who ran his bars upside down. Ergonomic keyboards are convex not concave. Most gym machines designed to pull towards the chest have either vertical grips or down-pointing grips. Handlebars with downward pointing grips doesn't mean you need a crazy long stem though, it just means the bars need to be bent downwards near the ends, so the hands are more comfortable, something like an ez curl bar. Here are some examples of gym equipment that uses a downsweep:
  15. LOL yes it does look a bit funny. What are you using at the moment?