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  1. To be fair I’ve never been a stock rider so I don’t have much to reference against but it feels good to me! It’s got a fairly long stem too. The echo tr bars I had on it while I built it felt a bit low, felt a bit hunched over when on the back wheel
  2. Shoot me a pm and I’ll keep you posted. I originally got them to put on my mod for that comp reach but they’re really nice on the stock
  3. Yar!
  4. I’ve just put some of the Jitsie super high risers onto the Ashton I’m building, I pretty much have them upright and they feel pretty sweet to me. Might roll them forward a smidge but I don’t think they’ll be comfortable all the way forward
  5. The stem is about right, you’ll get used to it. Nice bike, I always wanted a t-rex
  6. Looks cool! I’m an engineering technician at a big name brewery and kegging is my specialty, if you ever need to talk shop fire me a pm I’m a geek for all this As for my contribution? I’ve spent 4 years renovating my first home good and proper, I’m now a burnt out shell of the spritely young man I once was
  7. Me and my dad went twice last year and we’ve been vowing to buy a Montesa ever since. Cracking day out, looking to go back again soon. Anybody else on here been?
  8. I’ve been following X Trial since the trials bug bit me again last year. It’s ridiculous what Toni Bou can do with a bike!
  9. Rockman blues on cnc backings have always done it for me, just to chuck another name into the mix
  10. Is it still a place to ride? I used to love it there. i saw the topic saying it’s getting flattened to build houses but I also see Adam Morewood instagram posts from Matlock?
  11. I’m glad you mentioned tapping a thread into it because I’d considered it already anyway! I’ll bring my tapping gear home from work tomorrow and go at it its the latter type with the spanner flats for cone adjustment. I had guessed it to be doable since it wouldn’t be hard to get the current axle out. There isn’t much meat poking out either side of the cone adjusters though which worries me slightly; doesn’t look like there will be much in the dropout! ill report back tomorrow if I get a chance at it
  12. First off, hello again! I’m back after nearly a decade off the bike. I’m building up a mk1 Ashton on a budget, finally got round to getting started today and now I have some issues to resolve. First of all, the rear hub is QR only currently, can I convert it to a bolt on type? This is my first stock bike so I don’t know 135mm hubs that well. As much as I would love to upgrade to a proper trials hub I don’t have the dosh to spare right now
  13. I’m trying to get back into it, also after nearly a decade of no riding! Natural or street?
  14. Roses are red Violets are blue I've got ADHD CHEESE ON TOAST!
  15. Them little 1/12 mardaves were awesome. Cheap as hell!