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    i like riging my bike and hanging out with my frenda
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    echo pure hope pro 2 front and back echo forks
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  1. It is what's your number Danny and we can sort something out
  2. Sweet sound like plans what day is better for everyone as I'm free all weekend
  3. I thinking of getting back not riding just wanting to know if there any rider around nottingham and derby area
  4. defo the 04 python
  5. not working for me
  6. it dose not mater that the chain is the rong way round but half link chain are not then best chains to have on a trials bike
  7. yes alex back on the trials wen you out riding next
  8. what was the first song mate and the vid was mint for saying the time you made it in
  9. me and a mate are going into notts for a little bit off a ride and if any one want to come meat at lions at 11:30 and if no one is there text 07511669066
  10. I will be there mate pm me time and place
  11. that is the koxx levelboss 2004 i now it cuz my mate had one of them i think it has about the same geo as the onza t pro 2005
  12. it s like my dream bike would you swap for mine only joking
  13. not trying to be nastey but what with the forks y onza
  14. go to magures and get some phat pads on a grined
  15. sorry for posting this but i have been trying to up load some pic for about 2 hours and i cant do it so if anyone can help me i will be rely thankfull