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  1. Thanks! It's just a normal shotgun microphone, with the adapter cable which allowed the iPhone to read it as a microphone, not a pair of headphones while filming. I'm guessing the same could be done for any phone. As with everything else in the rig. The big fisheye is clip on, so works with any phone!
  2. With just the Fisheye lens, the mic, the phone holder & tripods it came in at about £35. Other lenses were £12 with the phone case. The handle and platform thing are a paint pad with the foam taken off which I found laying around. I'd love a DSLR with 4 lenses for >£50!
  3. Hi all. I've recently build a proper ghetto iPhone filming rig and wanted to know what you all thought! I've also bought some of those extra lenses you can get for iPhones. I can post test photos of comparisons if anyone's interested. Here are some pics; Here's a picture of all the extra lenses I've got; Here's a video of the footage the rig produces;
  4. There is yeah:) Online is a good way to make some easy money too, drive 8000 miles online when the online challenge is activated and you get $8,000,000! The miles are counted by everyone in the session too, so doesn't actually take that long.
  5. Yeah still play:) GT is; AlexxRogers
  6. I ran profile's all the time in trials, never had one problem. I run a Primo Re-mix on my BMX which is essentially exactly the same internals, had it for over 2 years, still runs like new. Just keep it clean and you'll be perfectly fine.
  7. I'm guessing just to get other people's opinions. Future reference for anyone else too, saves them making a new topic and waiting for ideas.
  8. I thought it was because Stocks were 26'', so you're modding a mountain bike, not a BMX.
  9. As the title really, bit bored of driving on my own! Leave your GT's and I'll add you. Thanks, Alex!
  10. No worries, thanks anyway!
  11. It's a service apprenticeship. I don't think so, my interview is at Sytner Nottingham, there's a BMW garage and showroom. Then the Mini show room is a separate building further down the road.
  12. I'm very passionate about cars, it's something I've always wanted to do, so hopefully that will come across! I knew about the Bavarian Motor Works thing, I've also heard the story about the logo being a spinning propeller and the blue colour is Bavaria's national colour! Thanks for the info, appreciate it!
  13. I have an interview at BMW for one of their apprenticeships and I'm trying to gain an idea of what questions they might ask so I can prepare. I've had a Google search but not much comes up. Only the typical questions like, strengths and weaknesses, why you'd be good for this job, etc. Then there's some like; what is BMW, why do you want to work for BMW, etc. Can anyone shed some more light on what they might ask? All help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Alex.
  14. I've never had any problems stripping TPA's if I'm honest! Want to swap the ZOO! lever for a normal 4 finger one. EDIT: After posting this and re-reading it, I have a sneaky suspicion that was sarcasm!