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    Riding trials in Bristol since March 2010 and loving it. I live 5 min from Lloyds, 10min from Castle Park. Cycle camping touring (France/Sahara), Playing guitar and singing and dancing.
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    South Bristol

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    Gu Le 09 with trialtrech/hope/echo pimpmobil. Koxx (old Level Boss) Mod Try'all kit including magura julie and hs33. Going stock soon or because24.
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    United Kingdom
  1. Have got hold of a leech frame. Don't suppose yanyone knows if Duke forks can be modified down to 40mm travel to get the geo right? BB looks like it's going to be a bit low with trialtrch forks.
  2. Great. Glad there's still riders in Bristol. just getting back on a bike. Haven't ridden for years. Where did u ride? castle park, The basin?
  3. Just heard of today's ride in Bristol. is this a regular thing?
  4. are pro2 trials singlespeed? I'm running some gears - would consider going single though. or are pro2 trials just a bit tougher?
  5. thanks matthew too opinions on hope big uns hubs and halo SAS for trials? am scouring ebay
  6. Great useful answer - cheers mate!!
  7. Cheers folks. I've got some Hope XC hubs already. So I could keep them but I'd get better engagement with Bulbs or Pro2's eh? D521's sound like the way fwd. Do people grind them?
  8. Anyone recommend wheels for Ashton, Cannondale (the volvo blue one) D521/ Hope bulbs good? I want to keep weight down and I guess I can't go too wide with this frame. Any ideas?
  9. hey matt - was just looking for you on here - how do?

    should be riding monday night in bristol if you guys are about.

    nige 07425134590

  10. hey Nige it's Matt we met in clevedon today

  11. Just bought a Cannondale Ashton with rack mounts on it already!! Reckon that'll do it. Thanks for your help folks.
  12. Got the rack - it's a blackburn that my child seat is deisgned to fit. I'm a trials daddy! I like the idea but since it hasn't got rack mounts already, I'd need to braze some on, but yee can't braze aluminium. Thanks for the suggestion.
  13. Ah yes cheers Jambo - was looking at DMR sidekicks / trailstar. Ideally if there was somethin that already had the right braze-ons but I guess that's asking alot. Cheers tomturd (do you have a low opinion of yourself?) I was thinkin about a trusty rockhopper too - I've had a steel one before but that was before I got into trials. Don't know anything about Azonics. will look into it - thanks
  14. Thanks Lawrence but I was looking for something fairly cheap so I wouldn't worry so much about locking it up in town. Pretty cool bikes they make there by the looks of things.
  15. I going to build a multi-purpose second bike. It needs to have rack mounts to carry camping gear and my 2 year old boy, take magura's on the rear and be strong so I can have a little trials sesh when out cross-country riding. I'm guessing it to be no more than a 16" frame and preferably made of steel. Does anyone have any ideas of what frame could work for me? I was thinking of something like an oldish small-framed steel Specialised Rockhopper. There must be stronger / more durable bikes that have rack mounts though? Any help appreciated