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  1. Yeah man, what halls you staying in?
  2. What course you doing mate?
  3. Hi, Got to Plymouth university on Saturday and have bought my bike but yet to ride it. I would appreciate if someone could show me around good spots etc. Also looking for someone regular to ride with as it would be awful boring on my own. Thanks Nick
  4. Mines around a similar size. But just found out the halls I'm staying in has indoor bike storage so depending on how safe it is I will just put it in there.
  5. Yeah lol that was me. I still think i will keep my bike in my room haha
  6. Ah nice that was my second choice. Where you that guy that I saw on one of them city tours on the university open days back in February?
  7. Just out of interest which uni are you going to mate?
  8. Just got my set through today. Only fitted the rear brake as of yet, but it feels solid! and with the standard oil bled. Can also feel a lot more power compared to my 05 with a two finger lever. Think I will really like these and there's no more need to water bleed meaning lower maintenance. Overall so far these are great!
  9. Yessssss!!!! Felllllaaaa
  10. f**k me!!!! You should win a prize or something haha
  11. Why does it suck? I have the same one
  12. Cheers paul. Yeah it does I'm happy with it
  13. Hi, Picture of both my bikes. Just got the Aurem built so havent had a chance to ride it yet and the disk's still need to bed in. But anyway here they are. If you want a spec of one just ask Thanks
  14. Maybe I'll give it the once over tomorrow. Cheers for the suggestion
  15. f**k I'm stumped on what the hell it is.