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  1. Being advertised as a Onza frame, and it looks bloody similar to one I've seen but I just can't remember the name of it
  2. Looking at buying a secondhand Onza Zoot Pro DD (built up from the frame kit) and apparently there's a tiny bit of play in the bottom bracket Could someone suggest a rough cost and an idea on what parts I'd need to buy if I was looking to sort this out? He says it rides fine and doesn't make any noises, but pointed out there was some play Many Thanks James
  3. Yep, it'll all get bashed around - just as long as it can take it haha As long as it's a decent starting platform, as you said earlier I can always upgrade bits as I go along if I find the need to!
  4. Thanks for that, just what I wanted to hear I thought it all seemed half decent or good, but wasn't sure on a couple of the bits such as the cranks, etc But then it's about 4 years since I've had a trials bike, and I didn't exactly know much then haha
  5. Looking to get back into trials, and try a 24" this time Found this for sale at £300, and just wondering what the spec is like? FRAME - Onza zoot pro WHEELS - Onza ultralight drilled rims with Hope Pro 2 SS trials rear hub and monty front hub (Ti Spokes) FORKS - Onza zoot pro street forksBARS - jitsie controll BREAKS - Avid Elixir 7 Trails (4pot) CRANKS - octane onePEDALS - Cant remember but they are grippy and rip your shins to bitsTYRES - front is a tioga small block and rear is a CHAIN - KMCSEAT - Federal black and red Some of the spec seems half decent, such as Zoot Pro Frame, Hope Pro 2 Rear Hub but unsure on stuff like the brakes and cranks? Can't say I've heard of either, although I am I complete beginner! Any help would be appreciated!
  6. Hi All, Just wondered whether you could use Avid Juicy 3's for Trials, or are they no good really? Thanks and ATB James
  7. Hi All, I am looking at a bike, but it has Onza Pro Square Taper Cranks, so I assume it has a Square Taper BB. I am interested in buying this bike, but will I have to upgrade it to ISIS BB and Cranks in the future or are Square Tapers fine? Thanks and ATB James
  8. Thanks for that Dave, I am tempted by the Zona! Thanks and ATB James
  9. Thanks all for the help. Unfortunately the Onza ended early, so didn't get a chance to have it. The Zona does have a pretty decent spec though, so I am still tempted......Hmm what to do
  10. Thanks all. What would be classed as a Short Wb and a Long Wb for a Mod? Also, I wonder why Adam @ Tartybikes says Mods with long Wb are often preferred for street?
  11. Thanks a lot man! Keep them coming lads!
  12. Hi Guys, What are the advantages and disadvantages of either? I know that Long Wheelbases are often favoured by Street Riders, but why? I am mainly talking about 20" Mods, but I am sure it is the same for all the sizes. Thanks and ATB James
  13. Any other opinions?
  14. Thanks for that - Means a lot! Thanks for that - I'm sure I will hopefully! I have got the Adobe CS 5.5 Design Standard, so there are quite a few things to learn!
  15. Thanks for that. Yes I was wrong, it is a 'Onza Pro' (Not T-Pro), it is the same as this one : http://www.onza.com/v2/products/2009/pro/pro.html Do people still think the Zona will be better? Thanks and ATB