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  1. sick guy
  2. see what you think,I struggled to find any music i like so not sure about that but thought id put it together loved radfest had loads of fun shame there wasnt as many of the crew there hope you enjoy it
  3. just sick mate love your videos, always makes me want to ride, YOU SICK GUY :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
  4. really like that. looked cool and ove the idea mate,the only thing i would have liked would be some of that tape on 3 spokes per wheel, so you see them go round, people like moving light, sweet show mate keep it up
  5. nice work mate, did it feel strange riding down an escalator thats going up
  6. thanks for the comments ross its nice to hear it, still getting used to the bigger wheels cant wait till tartys, practice tilll then
  7. loved riding there mate love the edit, sick guy
  8. that was nice easy watch, loved it, nice variation well edited, Quality
  9. loved that ,ride think thats the biggest gap of my life bring on barca
  10. loved that, really liked the line on the roundy things
  11. looking forward to the full video mate, not seen one from you for a white
  12. that was good, would have thought you had been on inspired for years
  13. thanks for the feedback folks ill try to push more and more on the new 24, just hope pauls arm doesnt get worst
  14. as it was wet there wasnt a massive amount of riding done also i just went to 24 thought id chuck it together anyway worth a watch, Feedback would be nice
  15. some bits are a little place near stoke dont really know where got driven, little bit in derby