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  1. New edit of clips from from over the year . Nothing to set tge world on fire but here is my 2pence worth . Enjoy people https://youtu.be/pHqXbK_LSeI
  2. Eddie's cream pashley. Ashtons beast from the east And the red and white justice .
  3. @Ross McArthur words can not express
  4. Of the moment I thought I was going to smash my face in lol ... freewheel skip don't you just love it
  5. Lol the gift that keeps on giving..... of how not to ride a bike lol ....
  6. Hahahaha cheers man will hopefully ill not have such a full on year with people dieing and leaving me in sh#t with work and I'll be all right lol
  7. 6'8 man . I know the the tms don't look that bad but the clean 100% looks well small yet the geo is not much different to the the tms . Crazy lol . Thanks dude
  8. Few clips from the year .nothing special just old me still hopping about . Enjoy merry Xmas every one.
  9. As @Paperclip and @Shub was the main boys on them for uk and France they are a very good source for info .if you look at their past videos you will see what is pos . I reviewed the frame last year and liked it . I have had the champagne , the combo and liked them very much . I like the evos more to be fair but they are more tgs and comp frames
  10. No man the ebtc closed years ago . Radical bikes is the central place for Essex now for trials . Next year there will be events and there is going to be a fun comp run on and around the 28/4/19 so keep a eye on here aNd Facebook for more details. Be great to see you down at rad though man . Where about in Essex are you ?