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  1. over budget but this looks ike a good price reduction and I heard sony are good
  2. So what about "budget" 4k tvs what do you think about these?
  3. Yeah I just have a 720p 32" LG TV at the moment so anything 1080p will be an upgrade really. I just want good picture quality to be honest. Is 3d worth it ?
  4. title^ looking for 48 - 50 inch. Also is it worth looking at 4k upscaling tvs? or just a good quality 1080p one?
  5. missing riding my trialy bike

  6. It means you don't walk around in Russia, Balls hanging free with a bottle of vodka in your hand.
  7. Integrated tensioners
  8. I used to try and ask him bike questions and he ignored me. what a dick
  9. Is it possible you can try this out for yourself ?
  10. Is there anything you cant do?
  11. This is more like it
  12. Unreal, so want to ride down south now.
  13. Might phone them just for the lols
  14. One of them gave me there phone number when I asked. Not phoned yet Yea Its so obvious but what should I do. Just leave it or report to ebay or something ?
  15. So Im selling my dads motorbike on ebay for him and got two messages that both wanted me to email them off ebay "Hi, Am highly interested in buying this off you, is it still on for sale and what price are you willing to take? can you please respond to me via my email ********@abv.g as i don’t check my eBay often." SO I told him the lowest Id go cash is £1300 and he replied. "Thanks for your swift response,I'd like to know the rock bottom price you willing to take and i will be paying by PayPal as it is attached to my bank account more so its safe and secure way to make payment on eBay. I hope you accept my payment method? If you do,can you just send me the email you associated with your paypal account (Paypal ID) in order to make the payment now, about the collection; have got a private courier that will come for the collection as soon as you confirm the payment via paypal so no shipping included and if you dont have a paypal account, you can easily go to and sign up. its very easy. I await your reply asap" The other guy done same thing but he replied. "ok no problem i will be paying you with my PayPal account because it's attached to my bank account and its safe and very secure way to make payment. If my mode of payment is accepted just send me your paypal email address,(Paypal ID) so i can pay in right away. Make sure you get back to me so that i can make the payment. I have a private courier agent that will come for the pick up after payments has been made, so no shipping included. And if you dont have a paypal account, you can easily go to and sign up. its very easy. I await your reply asap" scammers? ?