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  1. Just wondering how he runs the Hope hub in those forks?
  2. For me, the Atomz Quark 2 was one of the best looking bikes ever. Good design & functional. Ah, I know that picture.. that bike belonged to a Mister K. Belaey.
  3. I only visit TF once every few months and read a handful of threads. And sure enough, dave will bag Tarty...
  6. and me too.
  7. Kenny Belaey, #1
  8. Which length? all of them 380mm chainstay and 72º head angle. Short- 1075 wb, +45 bb Medium- 1085 wb, +50 bb Long- 1095 wb, +55 bb The geo of each are also on the actual frames themselves, on the non-drive side chainstays
  9. agreed Danny Butler's old bike?
  10. Pads are TNN Be-green, I believe More: [media=]
  11. Is it quite flexy? Not sure if you're kidding haha. And how, relative to cheap Chinese brand frames - if you're able to tell/have ridden one of them before?
  12. LGM's are like Chuck Norris. They never fail.
  13. you can also use the bolt from a derailleur, the one which bolts to the hanger