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  1. I work at a film rental company, and we do a hell of a lot of gimbal hires nowadays. Generally for high action stuff, we recommend getting a second operator and a controller, and using them to control it. Requires a fine hand, but the current market of gimbals just aren't intelligent enough to react in the right way. Saying that, the steadyshot feature on the DJI Ronin gimbals is as close as it gets at the moment, and it's what I'll be using to film the next trials video I shoot when I can eventually arrange a weekend filming with Mr Beaden! Which gimbal did you opt for?
  2. For decent quality, you can't beat this. Compatible with the m4/3 lenses on you G3? James
  3. "If I had a penis I would probably spunk" - Becky Johnson 2k14

  4. So, a week of partying, hangovers, bikes and parkour later, seems we managed pitifully little! Was an awesome week though! Huge shoutout to Lucas Ingram and Rachel Scott-Thompson (and flatmates) for places to stay, and Co-Op for silly cheap booze! Heatsink and Radical Bikes also get a heads up for their support over the last year. So umm, enjoy!
  5. "Those fish don't cost 3 quid! They're normally four for 12!!!" - Jess Boulton 2013

  6. The external was my backup... Had time machine running on my second internal drive, only to find out that isn't showing any more than the time since it all happened, as if it's almost reset itself? Basically 2 backups, and nothing now...
  7. Both my main MacBook hard drive, and my backup external hard drive have raped themselves within the space of two days... that's 4 years of photos, coursework, video projects, memories and important documents gone... Not to mention all my stuff I had prepped for uni interviews! Not cool
  8. In a rather shitey pissed off mood today... Complete lack of sleep for two weeks prior and a day of mock exams aren't helping either! Someone bring me my bike please, is rather be riding out in the middle of nowhere on my own!

  9. but, it REALLY REALLY REALLY sucks not to be out riding with everyone today!

  10. Hold that thought...
  11. I have for sale my 2011 Inspired Fourplay frame in red! Ride the bike akin to Ali C, Mark Westlake or Rob Harris! Looking for £250, although if you wanted some Inspired forks and a Hope headset, a deal could be made!

    1. Blake



  12. Actually sorting things out early for once!

  14. For 30 quid you can get some Nukeproof Electrons. Not sure why you would consider much else....
  15. When I got offered the chance to go and film at Radfest, I jumped at it! See Euan here doing some riding, changing his bike, then riding some more! Shout outs go to Radical Bikes, JAF Bikes, Heatsink Bikes and Jack Meek for helping to bring this all together. Oh, and Onza for some sick nights in drinking in front of the huge telly whilst it was raining a beaut! Enjoy Guys!! James @ MotionKapture