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  1. There's on jack miness made. I'll find it in a bit
  2. Do not spin the wheel you will hurt yourself Go round in segments and take your time
  3. Pull the back brake so the pedals are fixed and you can scoop the back wheel up better was always my idea on it
  4. She did cheat on her boyfriend with Matt (Trialsbikingnunn) and broke up with him afterwards, apparently not feeling much guilt for it x
  5. I've read a lot about trying to deal with this lately, the best advice I've seen was something along the lines of: by being that angry at them you're giving them more space in your heart than they deserve. Not worth you getting that mad about someone who's a piece of scum.
  6. I don't really know the difference here
  7. Blake

    Few Clips..

    Such a loss, Dan was such a f**king good rider :/
  8. All my clips I filmed this summer in the event of a 'big' TGS edit that won't happen for a while. A lot of stuff I wanted to do I didn't end up actually doing, however I'm still happy with some of the clips and I'd just like to get them off my hard drive so might as well share them. I probably won't be riding much over the coming winter due to some personal issues, so might be the last footage of me for a while. If you could just watch it and if you like it, share and send it around I'd appreciate it. Thanks to Flawless and TeamToast crew, you've helped a lot. ps. Sorry I know Flipp's already used this track from Aphex but it suited my mood and couldn't find anything else to go in there, so if it bothers you sorry but whatever. Cheers George
  9. I don't know anymore, literally can only plan stuff by the day and thinking of the future makes it hard to breath. Gunna stop whining on this forum for tonight x
  10. Anxiety and depression at an all time high this weekend :l Spent friday night at a girls house but nothing happened, I think she's just as f**ked in the head as I am. I'm feeling a bit hopeless and running out of reasons to bother anymore. I spent last night drinking in my room while everyone else was out having fun, I don't understand what's wrong with me anymore Like is it worth it really