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  1. hi could you do a video of how to gap to front because im fine with gapping and rolling gaps it just i don't get the leaning forward movement in the air at all it would be a big help
  2. mate i pm'd you, can u check your messages?

  3. do you still have the phatpads in cnc backing if you do could i buy them also do you take posted cash if so pm me your address

  4. sidehoppiin
  5. are these them
  6. a freewheel tool
  7. yeah i got the bolt ti one

  8. wow its been some time since i was asking for one of those mate. But actually could still do with one, have you got the bolt for it too? £4 posted?

  9. i got a spare echo top cap red how much for

  10. Well "20" inch is usually better to to start out on but not always the case is you come from a motorcycle background of mtb because your more used to it with balance etc.
  11. yeah i was going to get a Monty then i was going to get a blade then when i asked my dad he said why dont you just build one
  12. I got my custom echo lite its such a nice ride pics to follow
  13. Hi what size rotor will i need to fit the 09 echo urbans
  14. If your looking for a mod [20 inch] make sure it has a 19 inch back wheel because if its 20 and you want to upgrade to a 19 inch back wheel you where the brake mounts are the brake would not be near the rim
  15. go on this link for water bleeds