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  1. Hello Just wondering before i spend some money. What is better, Long lever Blades or Standard Lever Blades. For Magura HS33 Brakes. Thanks
  2. hello I was wondering what the best rear hydraulkic rim brake is for price and quality? Thanks
  3. Awreet Does anyone know a good pair of gloves i could buy? Thanks
  4. I have ordered foam trialtech grips
  5. Thanks for alll the answers. All appreciated greatly.
  6. thanks are they better for your hands aswell?
  7. Hello I was just looking at new grips and was wondering what was the best type of grip to get? thanks
  8. lol thanks!
  9. Recently I have been trying to learn to pedal kick and it is the only thing that has been stopping me from progressing with trials. I have blisters on my hands which means i cant lift the bars up because they hurt. Has anyone got any ideas on how you can stop yourself from getting blisters on your hands as often other than gloves or new grips. Thanks
  10. At the moment im riding a KOXX Djinn 20" and i am thinking of selling it to buy a new bike completely.I have been looking at bikes on tarty and decided that i liked the "Echo Lite Spec 1" and "Zoo! Lite Spec 1". I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on either as to which is better for the money they cost. thanks
  11. your name is quality!

  12. thanks very much
  13. Im looking for a new 19" rim for my KOXX which is a mod bike. It needs to have 36 spoke holes and black aswell. All answers appreciated.
  14. budget of £20-£30 no disc needed and its a fixed hub with 36 spoke holes. thanks